tile layer

  1. GonerBits

    SOLVED Is it possible to set the blend mode of a tile layer?

    In my game, I'd like to have an effect where there's a forest and there are gaps in the canopy that lets light fall through the leaves. It would help immensely if I could just create a tile layer that uses the "add" blend mode to light up the floor. Here is an example using a tileset that I...
  2. David Lorenz

    GMS 2.3+ [SOLVED] Apply shader to a single tile layer as a whole

    Hello everyone! I've been working with Game Maker for almost 2 years now, but I've barely touched shaders and surfaces. Lately I've started playing with both and found myself stuck very often. :/ I want to use a shader only on one tile layer, but I noticed that with the layer_shader and...
  3. R

    Use sprite to cut through Tile Layer

    Hi all, my first post ever and I looked through the entire manual and forum but can't seem to find what I'm after. I have a tile map and tile Layer (see image attached). I want to be able to draw a sprite (just alpha) to cut an alpha hole into the tile layer. There could be more than just one...
  4. V

    Windows Bug: Tile layers with offset not rendering all tiles in IDE

    If you create a tile layer and give it a negative vertical offset (ex: -12 y offset), the expected behavior is that the tile grid visible on the IDE will show a little higher, but you should still be able to paint tiles and see those tiles in every cell of the tile map grid shown while in IDE...
  5. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2 Can't display two layers at same time

    for(j = 0; j < obj_grid.hard_y_limit; j++) { for(i = 0; i < obj_grid.hard_x_limit; i++) { temp = ds_grid_get(obj_place.collide_grid_tile, i, j); temp1 = ds_grid_get(obj_place.danger_grid_tile, i, j)...
  6. T

    GMS 2 Environment Transparency

    I have made a map with multiple layers. The red color is the collision object. You can't move inside of it. I want to make the tile of the second and third layer of the house transparent. So you will be able to see the character. I can do it with an object. For example a tree. When the...
  7. B

    Question - IDE Can't pan a tile layer in the room editor (mac)

    when i have a tile layer selected in the room editor, my pan controls (spacebar, middle mouse) only work if the cursor is outside the room bounds. I can pan normally on all other layers. Am i missing something?
  8. JAG

    GMS 2 tilemap_tileset doesnt work properly

    I was just going to post saying it doesnt work at all, but Ive found a workaround. I was originally trying to call tilemap_tileset on a tile layer with no set tileset. This doesnt work because GM apparently thinks this tile layer doesn't exist, so can't find it. So to make it work I just set...
  9. B

    GML ds_grid or tile layer for collision?

    Hey guys, I've generally overlooked the way to do tile layer collision checking as I normally use a ds_grid for collision instead. But was curious if anyone knew whether using tile layer collisions would be more efficient than a ds_grid?