tile functions

  1. Kezarus

    Autotiling by Code

    Good day to you! I did an autotile code but the end result is ugly AF. The pieces are on the right spot, btw. Here is the code: ///@definition bitmask_cell ///@param wx - coord x ///@param wy - coord y var wx = argument[0]; var wy = argument[1]; var cellSize = global.cellSize; var myTile =...
  2. S

    Legacy GM Tile Rotation

    The tile editor in 1.4 could be... better (I've used the much improved GMS2, but I don't have the license for it) Is there a way to enable the "Rotation" flag per tile in the UI? Or maybe I could modify it with a function or raw editing of the XML in the *.room.gmx file? I've taken to using...
  3. S

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] How to find which tile at a position

    I would like to know what tile is at a given position. if (mouse_check_button_released(mb_left)) { //d is defined as depth of tiles var tile = tile_layer_find(d, mouse_x, mouse_y); if (tile != -1) { show_debug_message(string( tile_get_background(tile) ))...
  4. P

    layer_tilemap_get_id functions cannot be evaluated

    I just recently moved from GM8.1 to GM:S2 (due to not having a license for 8.1...), and I'm working on getting my current project copied over. In the original project, I had a nigh-perfect tile-based collision system, as well as some other systems, which depended on the old tile_layer_find...