tile collisions

  1. Wile94

    GMS 2.3+ Tiles + Physics interaction

    Nevermind, found the solution.
  2. EvanSki

    SOLVED Mp_grid add tile instead of instance?

    I'm setting up a path-finding system using mp_grids, I'm very familiar with setting up and using mp_grids mp_grid_add_instances(id, obj, prec); using this we can add instances to avoid to the grid but I was wondering if instead of instances I could use tiles I'd like to start using tile...
  3. B

    Player Movement on Tile Collisions

    I found a solution to jittering. Now I need help on player movement on the tiles. I got the player to switch to the jumpsprite when jumping and the player to switch back to the idle sprite when landing onto the tiles. But I cant figure out how to get the player to switch to the running sprite on...
  4. P

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] How does Gm:S2 assign tile IDs?

    SOLVED: For anyone wondering about the title question as well, tile IDs are assigned left to right, top to bottom, starting with value 0 in the upper-left corner. Title. I'm working on a tile-based collision system, and while I have all the movement and stopping code down, I need the part that...
  5. J

    GMS 2 Tile Collisions with Big Enemies

    So I've got a question for something that I haven't come across yet, but most likely definitely will. I've got my tile collisions set up, with my player sprite's collision box as small or smaller than my 32x32 tile collision box. I know this is a rule, to always try to keep your collision boxes...
  6. Daniel Mallett


    I'm coding a platformer and would like a bit of advice. When it comes to the main level tiles I have no problem with. My question is what happens to doors that are bigger than my tile size. What about danger tiles and interactive signs, ladders etc. Is it best to just use objects or is there a...
  7. U

    Problem with coding half-tile collisions (Tiled Platformer Example GM Stuido 1.4)

    I'm using the Tile Platformer example included with Game Maker Studio 1.4. I took some time to try to understand the code and what it does and I think I have a grasp on it. I'm expanding the tileset to include half-blocks and some slopes. I'm coding the collision for the half block here...
  8. J

    GMS 2 My player can't fall out of the room!

    I have set up a tilemap collision system in my 2D platformer using GMWolf's "Tilemap collisions in GMS 2" tutorial. The tile collision system works just fine. I want to make my player die when he falls into pits; so I tried to create an outside room event in my obj_player. I thought this...
  9. L

    GMS 2 Tile Collision / New Rooms ?

    Scripts: tile_collide_at_points move_and_contact_tiles Player Events: o_player Events: Create o_player Events: Step o_player Events: Collision (o_door) Game Events: o_game Events: Room Start i_game_start Creation Code OK, so everything works fine, but when I go to a new...
  10. Dharmatrooper

    Tile based collision platformer improvements

    Hello, newb here. Is there any tutorials how to implement ladders, moving and one-way platforms for tile based collision check platformers? Also can't clearly understand how to correctly implement tile based collisions check for characters that bigger than the tile.
  11. G

    GMS 2 Advice? Collisions with ds_grid vs. objects/tiles

    I'm working on a top-down, turn-based, grid-based game with procedurally generated levels. My next step will be coding a collision system. I seem to have two choices for collisions: (1) Ds_grid: When the actor wants to move in a direction, I can pull the data from the grid to figure out...
  12. R

    Tile collisions in step event vs script

    I've read a few blog posts and watched a few different YouTubers go on about the benefits of using tile collisions in GM2. From having a play around with it it does seem like a great way to quickly draw collisions, especially on more complex leves. I don't think anyone like dumping loads of...
  13. P

    GMS 2 top-down tilemap collison with rotated rectangles/collision mask

    so I'm not sure how to describe this.... I know how to make a working tile collision with bounding boxes and 4-corner checks (typical platformer collision style) this works all nice and fine since the "shapes" are all lined up in 90° angles and corners but for my little testing project (to toy...
  14. mrdaneeyul

    Help understanding bitwise tile collision for 16px tiles

    Hey everyone! So I've made several attempts at understanding the complex world of bitwise operations so I can get tile collisions all figured out, and this time I figured I'd just ask! I've read up on the new articles in the GMS2 manual, done lots of research prior, and looked through the demos...
  15. ph101

    Tile depth on create

    Hi In an isometric game, I'm swapping an object at a certain position and depth for a tile at the same depth to save on draw time. proxy_tile = tile_add(FloorTiles1, tile_x_start, 0, tile_x_start + sizex, sizy, xx, yy, depth); visible = 0; Then I am setting my object to be invisible but...
  16. T

    Tile Collision Problem

    Greetings. I implemented a tile collision system in a new project- I needed lots more obstacles, thousands of them, multiple sizes, and not necessarily on a grid, with a fixed size. Instances wouldn't cut it. Even if they merged with each other it still wouldn't be enough, I can't have 65k...
  17. G

    Game Mechanics Grid Based Lighting System

    I recently followed along with the HeartBeast tutorial on random map generation, available here: I was wondering if anyone knows how I could make a dynamic lighting system that would work with this grid-based tile world? I have seen quite a few tutorials, but they all require wall objects of...
  18. Blaize

    DS_Grid index out of bounds error

    So I've recently decided to learn how to use DS_grids to create collision maps - figured I'd give it a go. It works exactly how I want it to work. Awesome! The issue is when I try to transition to another room. This is how I'm checking the transition (In the player's outside room event for...