tile based movement

  1. Slyddar

    Asset - Project Tile Based Moving Platform Engine

    Tile Based Moving Platform Engine This tile based platform engine uses efficient tiles for instance collisions, as well as incorporating those efficiencies into horizontal and vertical tile layer moving platforms. Some of the features of the engine : Tile Based Collisions : Tiles offer the...
  2. S

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Tile Collision system snaps x to a grid when jump button is pressed

    Hi there! recently I picked up an old project (a remake of the old platformer game called Crystal Caves) and started changing over all object based collision to a tile based collision system. my starting point was Shaun Spaldings tutorial and the YoYo games platformer tutorial. the problem...
  3. D

    Tile based movement

    Hi guys, I'm trying to set up a tile based game similar to pokemon mystery dungeon. I've set up the movement so that when you press W,A,S,D the character jumps to the next tile but I want to set it up so that when I press to go in a direction the sprite first turns to face that way before...