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  1. BoB3k

    Question - IDE Draw order in Instance and Asset layers [Feedback / Request]

    Trying to fix another bug, I updated to the newest IDE and runtime yesterday. I didn't get the bug fixed (but figured a workaround), but was going to keep the updates...until I noticed my levels weren't drawing right anymore. Stuff that in the Room/Layer Editor that were drawn one way, show up...
  2. Misu

    Discussion Google Stadia: your thoughts

    So Google Stadia has been announced. I like the idea how it tries to enhance gameplay experience by increase performance and memory using streaming service but I dont like how it destroys gaming tradition. The fact its just a web stream service on any device makes me feel like its just an...
  3. Pfap


    How do you keep focused... or sane. I know first world entitlement can be toxic... but do you ever just ask why? Like the difference between maintaining state with a database and a stateless protocol (http) and how to maintain state with just a socket server? Does anybody care? And if no... well...
  4. AverageJoe

    Discussion A Breath of the Wild

    Hello all! Just wondering what everyone thinks of the new Nintendo game...The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! I beat the game over spring break, but I also don't think I explored every nook and cranny of the massive granny of a map they had. What do you all think? Hey try not to spoil...
  5. XanthorXIII

    Discussion Default View on setting up room

    Going over the information provided by cameras and the like, I'm still trying to wrap my head around views. In GMS 1 this seemed to be an issue with setting a view on the first room and having that be the default for all the rooms. In GMS 2 it seems like this is back. I thought cameras take care...
  6. Zerb Games

    Views On School/Standard Education System

    TL;DR also I am sick... Hey guys! I am currently in high school, and I am both hating and loving it. Here's the thing I am really good at all academic classes really, there's nothing that I don't have somewhat of a strong suit in. However, I don't find I learn anything from these classes, It's...