1. Nathan Laing

    Shaders Mix two textures, Tex B over Tex A with transparency

    G'day all, I've been mixing all night for the past week. Just can't get this done--would love a hint! I am passing in two textures to a shader. They each get various calculations along the way, but at the end I get the desired textureA and textureB as separate vec4s. Without disturbing the...
  2. T

    3D Help with spherical sky map.

    I have a sky texture that I put on my sphere around the world, but the top and bottom of the sphere looks pinched, is there any way i can I avoid this?
  3. L

    Particles have weird, checkered texture on them

    So I was trying to follow this Basic Particle System Tutorial - https://gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com/articles/mastering-the-gamemaker-studio-particle-system--cms-22782 But everything I get is this: (Looks like the particles are missing a texture, which is weird) Has anyone seen that before ?
  4. S

    Legacy GM Interpolation help (resolved...??)

    I'm having an issue where if I use "interpolate colors between pixels," I get a grey outline around my sprites. I've checked to make sure the sprites don't have transparent pixels around them, so that shouldn't be the issue.. I don't want to uncheck interpolate, since my game 525600 times better...
  5. R

    Legacy GM Is there any way to draw texture like this

    I want to set model texture by draw all the sides into one background, and slice up to the different sides then set as the texture of the given side. Can I do this somehow?
  6. BMatjasic

    Windows Solved!

    Is it possible to connect a certain pointlist or a linestrip and colour it from inside? So far I am adding an x and y to a ds_map which I add to a ds_list and then draw vertex from it. Would somehow be possible to colour a certain shape or add a texture to it (which is created by connected...
  7. Posho

    3D 3D Texture Turns Black When Stretched

    Hello, I have this issue. I'm working on a function that basically draws SWF sprites on a surface and saves them as regular sprites to use them as 3D textures for walls and stuff. I started implementing an user-set quality variable, which basically helps with setting the new sprites' size. qual...
  8. S

    Legacy GM Texture effects/animations for a 3D game?

    In the 3D platformer I've been making recently (which is essentially just a 2D platformer with 3D geometry), I want to make the platform blocks gently "glow" brighter and darker every 2 seconds. I've previously done this sort of thing with sprite animations, but since I'm using backgrounds as...
  9. Anixias

    3D Creating landscape textures dynamically

    Hello there! I am currently working on a game that will randomly generate a couple perlin-noise surfaces (one for the heightmap of the terrain, another for the biome map, another for vegetation map, another for resources, etc) and then create a terrain model (with the correct normals and...
  10. Joe Ellis

    3D Is there a way to get anisotropic filtering working with external textures?

    Is there a way to get anisotropic filtering working with external textures? My project looks terrible just because the anisotropic filtering extension (by manta games) stops working on any textures loaded during runtime and my game needs this as textures are altered during gameplay can anyone...
  11. M

    Surface Texture width on android devices problem

    My game resolution is 1280x720 and I use some post screen fx for bloom and fade effects. when I use surfaces and shaders I realized that my surface's texture width is 0.62 x 0.7 on android device. Because device creates a screen texture size 2048x1024 instead of 1280x720 . That is why when I...
  12. Roa

    HTML5 Weird texture issues

    html5 has some very strange behavior in 3d. 1: I noticed that a model can only ever have one texture applied to it. The model must be redefined per individual texture. All model calls will use the first texture mapped to. It never to updates unless the model is destroyed. 2: stemming from the...
  13. James222

    3d model texturing

    Hey guys, I am developing a little first person shooter, the problem is I want to import a .obj file or convert it to .d3d doesnt really matter to me, the problem is my .obj file has a .mtl file which tells the .obj file where all the textures should be placed on the model. Now game maker...
  14. MusNik

    Asset - Scripts Physics Textured Terrain

    Download: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/2977/physics-textured-terrain Physics Textured Terrain can be used for creating textured terrains for physics games. It takes points from ds_list, converts it to triangles and draws on screen via primitive model. It creates physics fixture on...
  15. T

    Legacy GM need help with 3d planet position

    im not using any kind of 3d camera only view in room, but object "planet" is on wrong position, this black hole is top border of texture, how can i change postion of object, something like 3d angle, anyone help?
  16. Dragon47

    Asset - Extension Graphics Utilities (extending GameMaker's graphics library)

    Download demo: http://www.mediafire...s Utilities.exe Marketplace link: https://goo.gl/p3fErz GameMaker's library of graphics functions has its limits. Fundamental things like blend modes, surfaces and shaders are far from fully customizable. Graphics Utilities can give you access to some of...