1. kamiyasi

    GMS 2.3+ Is there an asynchronous event for when the app on mobile is minimized?

    I'm testing my project on my Android tablet, and I noticed that if I minimize the project to go to the home screen, then pull it back up again, then gpu_set_texrepeat gets set to false, or at least it appears to. I have 3D elements drawn using the buffer that use textures outside of the 0-1 UV...
  2. SirCaliber

    SOLVED Loading sprites as real number from file results in wrong sprites being displayed

    The scribble is meant to be a cheer emote. Basically, I save the cheer emote as a real number in an INI file, then read that number and set the player's emote sprite as that number. However when adding new sprites, textures get mixed up and so the number actually correlates to the scribble now...
  3. mbeytekin

    SOLVED Surface_get_texture or sprite_get_texture() what is its format? Opengl or DirectX or Is it specific to GameMaker?

    I wonder what format the pointer and content we got with surface_get_texture. I think it is in openGL format since we can send it directly to shaders. The reason I'm asking this is that I can't get the result I want when I send it as a pointer to the options to get directx texture or OpenGL...
  4. R

    Multiple classes

    Hello all, despite learning so much I am still no doubt a noob. SO I have a shop in my game that lets players buy upgrades, When buying, Is texture swapping is the best choice for my game? The problem is this creates a lot of synarios. For eg, if I have helmet, chest guard and shield I must...
  5. Pelican Police

    Legacy GM Is it possible to edit game maker texture pages like a surface?

    For example, if you wanted to tint/change the game environment, you could redraw all the sprites in their new form directly to the texture page, rather than doing it in real time every step using a shader or even image blend. I'm sure this could lead to other problems, similar to the problems...
  6. Chreech Okash

    Android Texture page 4096x4096 for mobile devices

    I want to know how safe it is to use 4096x4096 for android and ios devices? In 2021 what percentage of devices don't support this size?
  7. O

    SOLVED Loading a surface texture into a shader

    Hi All, I'm pretty new to shaders, and relatively new to coding (this is my first game) so this may be really simple to solve. Basically, I'm making a top down space combat game (think asteroids type movement), where one of the ships can produce a "Gravity Wave". I want this effect to be...
  8. A

    Texture Swapping and Efficiency

    This is more a theoretical question, no code has been written down yet. Let's assume I want to create a dynamic environment and I want to use vertex buffers to draw things so I will be able to use vertex shaders to create some effects. Of course there is going to be a need to have many different...
  9. E

    Question - IDE How can I see the textures loaded in the VRAM?

    good morning community, I have a question I am optimizing a great project for mobile devices, I have exported to YYC and I have had good performance on high-end and mid-range and low-end devices I have had problems, so I have optimized as much as possible ... At the moment I started with the...
  10. E

    3D Texturing cubes with Multiple Textures?

    I'm working on a game right now that I want to be a simple 3D platformer, using cubes/prisms made from vertex buffers for the terrain. My problem is the way I want to texture the terrain differs based on how the terrain is shaped. Something like this below: I understand I might not be able...
  11. A

    SOLVED Problem drawing textured primitive

    Hello! Once again I got some troubles with GMS and still do not understad it, maybe because I'm still new to it. What do I have: 1) A 256x256 sprite called spr_moon which has the following checkboxes set to true: tile (both horiz and vert), separate texture page. 2) I'm drawing a textured...
  12. E

    Android How to properly handle large amount of sprites for Android?

    Hello, So I am working on an Android game on GMS2, and the volume of sprites I am going to use is pretty large (> 100MB). I know how texture pages work, and how to optimize them to avoid too many swaps. However, considering that Google Play limits application file size (to about 50 or 100MB...
  13. Coded Games

    Optimizing Texture Pages for a Card Game

    So one of the biggest questions I have in my game is about how I should optimize my texture pages. Each card in the game has a 600x600 px piece of artwork. As of now, I have just been throwing all of them into a texture group and calling it good enough. My texture page sizes are 4096x4096 so...
  14. N

    Shaders Almost perfect texture overlay shader

    I have a shader that simply draws a texture over top of the sprite that calls it. It works perfectly when the dimensions of the sprite are a multiple of two. 32x32, 64x128, etc. If they're not then the overlay texture gets stretched in a weird way. I believe the problem lies solely in my shader...
  15. Mehdi

    Android Texture Page

    Hi guys, Can anyone tell me how many texture pages is not too many for android? Or how many texture swaps in debug overlay? Currently my android game has 7-8 texture pages per level each 2048*2048. Im afraid its too many or too big to work fine on mediocre and low-end devices. Any help is...
  16. D

    Passing different textures to shader for multiple objetcts

    Hi experts I am experimenting with the possibility of using normal map textures to enhance the look and feel of my sprites. So I created tree objects - a circle, a square and a star. l of them rotate in Step event. Also I use a custom shader to use the normal maps, which I prepare it in...
  17. RobertRamsay

    Released Hair Strand Designer

    Created with Gamemaker. First created in March 2019, Version 1.287 is fully developed to it's limits. Now working on version 2.0 to be ready for Summer 2020. Featured on the 80LV webpage: https://80.lv/articles/hair-strand-designer/ Hair Strand Designer is a tool that creates hair strands in...
  18. Sammi3

    Using a GameMaker Texture in a DirectX11 dll

    I have a dll that uses directx11 and I wanted to get a texture (sprite_get_texture, surface_get_texture, ...) as an ID3D11ShaderResourceView so that it can be manipulated on the dll side. Is this possible? I thought those functions gave us pointers to a directx resource or are they a local...
  19. Edwin

    Legacy GM [Likely Solved] How to check if texture interpolation is on/off?

    There is function called texture_set_interpolation but there is no such function that checks its value, like texture_get_interpolation. How to get current interpolation?
  20. Le Slo

    HTML5 GMS2: Wrong images, cleaning cache and game update

    Hello there! I have encountered this problem and after reading here and there, I still don't know what solutions I can apply to the following situation: -It is normal that when working on a project for HTML5 there is a texture problem where all the images appear wrongly. This is solved by...