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  1. S

    Sprite Swapping For Enemies VS Individual Objects

    I’m designing a platform game that will have different enemies depending on level/room and I was interested in whether just changing an object’s sprites based on the level/room was a potential way to go? For example: Each level/room would have an enemy that crawls back and forth along a platform...
  2. P

    Legacy GM Replacing a sprite on a texture page

    I'm working on a dungeon crawl-esque game, and I'd like to allow users to create entirely new content for it. To do that effectively, they need to be able to import sprites for their new items, enemies, terrain, et cetera. Terrain, though, poses a problem, since I'm using a primitive to render...
  3. S

    Texture page and sprite px size

    I am considering using Game Maker Studio 2 to make my first mobile game/app and before I make the plunge and purchase the license I would like to clear some of my concerns. Most of my sprites are around 400 by 700px, (for most of the game, making them smaller reduces the quality and not...
  4. jf_knight

    Legacy GM Deleting texture pages

    I trying to implement some shockwave effects into my project (https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/5696/shockwave) I've noticed something when running the example in GM:S while the task manager runs in the background: The more shockwaves I make, the higher the RAM usage of the example...
  5. S

    Legacy GM [solved] Texture pages placing some sprites too close together while stretching others?

    A few of my animated sprites have a flash of a different sprite in their sprite. Looking at the sprites in GameMaker, there's no issue. So I looked at the texture page preview, I started to notice the larger sprites on the texture page are stretched by 4 pixels. So a 480 wide sprite is 484 a 860...
  6. P

    Legacy GM Large, animated sprites

    I'm about to animate a boss at a size around 400x350. Should I be worried about the amount of frames when it comes to the texture pages or something? I know if my sprite is too big it will be scaled down. But if I have my boss sprite set to a texture page and have 30 frames, so that it exceeds...
  7. clee2005

    Question - Code Determining which texture pages are used

    Hey all, I'm trying to optimize the texture swaps and there are a lot of pages with a lot of different sprites. I reduced to 1024x1024 and now have 60 pages. The swaps are running at 90+ where I had it at 10 swaps for 2048x2048 but it was killing older devices. 1024 pages seems to be...
  8. E

    Question - IDE Texture Pages and Subimages

    According to the manual, GMS2 will not split up a large sprite resource across multiple texture pages. Which makes sense, for single images. It's the word "resource" that has an unaddressed ambiguity: If all of the combined subimages of one sprite resource do not fit on a single texture page...
  9. Sean Catherine

    Discussion "Optimization" —A New Guy's Take-Aways... [SOLVED]

    I've been reading a heck of a lot lately on the forums, trying to get a grip on how to go forward with my project. "Optimization" seems to be the most prevalent, important subject I'm seeing... Here is a numbered list of points that I'm either confused about, or am way off in terms of...
  10. zendraw

    T:Texture pages tests

    So texture pages, theyr sizes and the performance buged me for some time now and i decide to make a straight foreward test. 10 sprites with 64images each with a size of 256x256, so 1 sprite is like 1 2048x2048 texture page. and from there on i change the size of teh texture page from 2k to 4k to...
  11. SayBaconOneMoreTime

     Suggestion: Texture Page Inheritance (one asset on multiple pages)

    Hello, It has recently come to my attention that there is no real efficient way to handle texture pages in a top down Hyper Light Drifter-style game. Since the draw order matters so heavily for rendering everything in perspective, it becomes impossible to have any real semblance of sanity...
  12. zendraw

    Graphics Q:Texture pages

    So im not sure if this is teh right part of the forum, its not a programming question so this one seemd most logical. the Q. when is it best to use a larger texture page? like i usually go with the default, but recently ive been dealing with more graphics and i get alot of texture pages and...
  13. G

     Is this normal? 6 texture swaps/frame when I have only 1 texture page?

    I'm using GMS2. Running the game in Test -> VM, the debug overlay consistently shows 6 texture swaps per frame and 10-13 vertex batches per frame. But my game has 1 texture page. In both the Windows and Android settings, the texture page size is 2048x2048. When I preview the texture page...
  14. T

    Android background_get_uvs returning incorrect values

    On android, background_get_uvs(bg) seems to always be returning (0, 0, 1, 1). Since the background is on a texture page with other images, this is obviously not correct. On windows I get the correct uvs. Is this a bug, or is there something I'm missing? I can get around this by having the...
  15. RyanC

    Legacy GM Texture Page - Inconsistent Mapping

    Hi everyone, I noticed that 4 frames of a sprite have now been pushed onto another texture page. After spending ages optimizing the size of the sprites so they fit onto a 2048 x 2048 texture page Game Maker has now decided that they no longer fit on one page. The only thing I done since it fit...
  16. H

    Legacy GM Sprites That Don't Take Up A Page Each

    So I'm making a game where you basically create your own sprites for many of the objects in game (it's a tycoon game where the player is building different objects to sell. Every object they create to sell gets it's own custom sprite). I do this by transferring the sprite the player makes to a...
  17. Shadowblitz16

    Question - Code sprite_add()

    just two quick questions - does the GMS2 version of sprite_add() take in account existing texture pages or does it still create a new texture pages like GMS1 did? - if not does yoyo games plan on making it use existing texture pages? maybe with sprite_add_ext()
  18. K

    Windows I can't preview my Spine sprites on Texture Pages

    Hello. I enjoy helping you guys on the community forum, but now I need help. I also looked all over the internet, but I could not find a solution to the problem I'm having. I use Spine to create animations and they look great when I import them to Game Maker Studio, but I cannot preview them...
  19. RyanC

    Android Need Help with draw_texture_flush or Adding Texture Groups at Runtime.

    Hi everyone, My game has over 90 texture pages of 2048 x 2048 and although I use draw_texture_flush, my game still crashes on android almost instantly. I deleted about 40% of my sprite resources, causing less texture pages to be added and the game worked again like magic. I thought using...
  20. RyanC

    Android Debugger Still Shows 93 Texture Pages After Using draw_texture_flush()

    Can anyone explain why I'm seeing so many texture pages all loaded into memory from rooms that haven't even been opened yet? Does the debugger show all the texture pages of the game regardless?