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texture page

  1. E

    Android How to properly handle large amount of sprites for Android?

    Hello, So I am working on an Android game on GMS2, and the volume of sprites I am going to use is pretty large (> 100MB). I know how texture pages work, and how to optimize them to avoid too many swaps. However, considering that Google Play limits application file size (to about 50 or 100MB...
  2. Mehdi

    Android Texture Page

    Hi guys, Can anyone tell me how many texture pages is not too many for android? Or how many texture swaps in debug overlay? Currently my android game has 7-8 texture pages per level each 2048*2048. Im afraid its too many or too big to work fine on mediocre and low-end devices. Any help is...
  3. DeadBot

    Textures pages and game load time

    [Solved] I have a question regarding a games load time. I read in the documentation that in the Windows platform all texture pages are loaded into memory. If these texture pages are 4096 x 4096 and there are more than 100 in total, will this impact the games startup speed? If so I would assume...
  4. Bart

    GMS 2 [Solved] Texture page dimensions / width to height ratio

    Hi all. I'm trying to debug-draw a texture page/group. So I use a simple vertex buffer with a square consisting of 2 triangles and pass the texture page. After doing a preview in the Windows Graphics options, the texture page dimensions appear to be 1024x2048. So not square. A rectangular (and...
  5. P

    Legacy GM Replacing a sprite on a texture page

    I'm working on a dungeon crawl-esque game, and I'd like to allow users to create entirely new content for it. To do that effectively, they need to be able to import sprites for their new items, enemies, terrain, et cetera. Terrain, though, poses a problem, since I'm using a primitive to render...
  6. TitanAnteus

    Windows Texture Swaps

    I'm stress testing my game. I have the main character's art pretty much done. I added 20 instances of that object and have 20 texture swaps. If I was using regular pixel animations I know I wouldn't have this many swaps. I'm using Spine animations though. Is this normal? How do I reduce the...
  7. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2 Texture page

    Below is a screen shot to demonstrate the problem. https://drive.google.com/open?id=18vahtQ2gyKCYB84LxuFuHtAsWbH6YXJe left_cut = (obj_grid.x_offset - mouse_x) / (obj_grid.x_scale * current_x_scale) - (original_width / 2) * -1; // Amount of pixels to trim from the left of shape if left_cut <...
  8. Le Slo

    HTML5 GMS2: Wrong images, cleaning cache and game update

    Hello there! I have encountered this problem and after reading here and there, I still don't know what solutions I can apply to the following situation: -It is normal that when working on a project for HTML5 there is a texture problem where all the images appear wrongly. This is solved by...
  9. Khao

    Design Frame-by-frame animation and alternate character colors

    Hey. So I'm making a multiplayer game with frame-by-frame animation. Characters are super simplistic, but with complex, detailed animations with a large amount of frames. Despite using simple characters, it's an HD game, with high-resolution sprites, basicaly, I want the game to feel like a...
  10. L

    Question - IDE Texture scaling shrinks sprites - UV issue, or intended behavior?

    I'm designing my current project to a 1080p standard. However, some of my assets ideally need to be above 2K to give some flexibility for zooming/panning. This is all fine and good on my PC when running with texture pages set to 4096x4096, but some of my low-end test devices struggle with this...
  11. K

    Shaders Color-remapping Shaders w/ CLUT surfaces

    So, in my game project, I made a shader setup that recolors characters according to a local surface that acts as a color lookup table. When drawn, the shader is called, a stage parameter is set as the texture of the CLUT surface and basically remaps the colors from the top row to the colors in...
  12. RyanC

    Legacy GM Question About PNG Crush

    Hi All, After looking in the manual to find out how to compress texture pages I found the gml_pragma("PNGCrush") function. Couple of questions I could'n't find answers to in the manual: Does this downgrade the image quality? Are the images then uncompressed at game start or as they are used...
  13. E

    Question - IDE Texture Pages and Subimages

    According to the manual, GMS2 will not split up a large sprite resource across multiple texture pages. Which makes sense, for single images. It's the word "resource" that has an unaddressed ambiguity: If all of the combined subimages of one sprite resource do not fit on a single texture page...
  14. Tronco

    Texture Pages: Size or count?

    I'm sorry if it's an old question, but i'm having trouble finding a real clear answer. I'm aware of how texture pages and texture swaps work, i flush texture everytime and everything works good with very low texture swaps, i've got only one question: It's better to have create a lot of small...
  15. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM More texture pages? sprite_create_from_surface

    Hello all, With the use of sprite_create_from_surface, is an entirely new texture page created on the fly to store the newly created sprite? And if so, if sprite_create_from_surface is used multiple times, are multiple new texture pages created, or, are the newly created sprites added to the...
  16. SayBaconOneMoreTime

    GMS 2 Question about texture page optimization

    Hi there, So regarding texture pages: my current set up has everything separated by room/theme, and every room change flushes texture memory during the transition so there aren't any visible stutters. Is this a good set up? Since my room backgrounds are hand drawn, I have one texture page per...
  17. T

    GMS 2 When are texture pages called?

    Quick question. I've looked and can't find an answer to this specific question. When exactly is a texture page loaded? For example, if in the Draw step, I have this code if varA == true { draw_sprite( spriteA ); } Will spriteA be loaded from the texture page if varA is false? Or will it...
  18. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 set existing compiled sprite as surface

    does anybody know if its possible to draw on a surface and save it to a existing sprite on the texture page at runtime?
  19. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Image size in memory, performance: draw_background_part

    G'day! When using the draw_background_part function, is the entire image loaded into memory first, or is only the part specified loaded into memory? I'm assuming in either case, a texture page swap is necessary. Finally, how much performance increase is gained by drawing, say, only 1024x1024...
  20. P

    Texture Page / Texture Atlas

    I'm wanting to know where i can create it, i tried the windows -> graphics -> preview, put the file that i got is .win format, and i never saw it, there's no way to get a PNG? Also, don't know if its because of that, but the sprite/object that i'm using is from a SWF file