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  1. Daniel Mallett

    GMS 2 text border issues

    x = 500; y = 500; string_val = "string"; draw_text(x, y, string_val); width = string_width(string_val); height = string_height(string_val); draw_rectangle(x, y, x + width, y + height, 1); I am trying to implement a dialogue with form controls, text, etc. I have been having problems...
  2. R

    Partially transparent text

    Hi, I'm trying to get a part of the text to have a different alpha value. Do you not know how to achieve this?
  3. S

    GML How to program Credits into the game

    I have looked over the internet and I have a general idea on how to code in GML but I just can't work out how to implement credits in to my game. I would appreciate anything like a link to a tutorial or some instructions. please and thanks you.
  4. Zek

    Asset - Fonts Pixel Font Pack

    GameMaker: Marketplace Itch.io Price: $1.99 7 clean pixel fonts for retro styled games. Preview: Contains: Retro1.ttf Retro2.ttf Retro3.ttf Retro4.ttf Retro5.ttf Retro6.ttf Retro7.ttf All of these fonts are TrueType Fonts and the font outlines in the preview images are just for visualization.
  5. O

    GML Does scaling text involve loss?

    If text is being dynamically generated and drawn to some confined space, there seems to be two ways to deal with sizing the font correctly: 1. use draw_text_transformed to draw a scaled version of the string, after string_width_ext and _string_height_ext so that you can compare it to the...
  6. G

    Need Text Help

    I am looking for a way to display text when I hit a button. An example would really help. But so far I used this in the Draw Event for my button, but it add the text at game start. draw_set_alpha(1); sc_tier1(); draw_set_colour(c_fuchsia); draw_set_font(fnt_Courgette)...
  7. JohnSebek

    Dialouge system issue

    So I was making and dialogue system by Diest link here. And I´ve run into several issues I wasn't able to fix. There are many of my issues: Text is drawn in a very weird way so you are not able to see the modifiers and things will go insane 1. The text will display in a very weird way, it's hard...
  8. Kezarus

    Job Offer - General [CLOSED] Paid Proofread

    Hi! I am publishing a game and I need someone to proofreaf all the text on it. The texts are in English and I will provide them separated and give examples where they appear in the game. A rough estimate of the texts are about 500 word, more or less. We can work out a fare per word that is...
  9. A

    Windows Need help in drawing text

    Hello, I have just started using GameMaker studio 2 and I am not able to draw text at the corner of the screen in a way that it is fixed and won't move. Please reply soon. Thanks!
  10. K

    GMS 2 the kill score doesn`t appear when i kill an enemy

    so i wanted to make a counter for the pointless murders i have commited in my game, and the text doesn`t show up, here`s the code in the create event: #macro resw 1024 #macro resh 768 display_set_gui_size(resw,resh); global.kills = 0; global.killsthisroom = 0; killtextscale = 1; and...
  11. N

    Mac OSX Anyone got a clue of whats up with this text

    look at the replies sorry it only let me post the stuff there this is the code drawing it Hello lovely life forms the 4th and 5th are what I'm confused about
  12. K

    GMS 2 HappyTear Changing Textbox size

    The HappyTear Text Engine is great for what I'm trying to do. I'd like to create a visual novel styled text adventure. The problem I'm facing is understanding the documentation about how to create your own display. When I want to change the textbox width coordinate, it just moves in a weird way...
  13. Pfap

    Windows [SOLVED]Corrupted text drawing

    I'm not exactly sure why this is happening. I added some test code to a rooms creation code editor, then later removed it. After deleting the code and closing the creation code editor the ide asked if I wanted to reload or save, with the room creation code being the only thing listed as changed...
  14. F

    GML Word Wrapping not working

    I'm trying to do word wrapping by replacing " " character with "\n" I take the max length(OF CHARACTERS) and of the string then apply one every time limit crosses... ///@desc string_wrap ///@arg string ///@arg max_width //SOME VARIABLES var str = argument[0]; var max_length = argument[1]...
  15. Edwin

    Multiple script arguments malfunction.

    Hello, guys. I made a script that has multiple arguments, it looks like this: /// val_highest(value1, value2, value3, ...) for (var i = 0; i < argument_count; i ++) { for (var j = 0; j < argument_count; j ++) { if (argument[i] > argument[j]) { return...
  16. P

    Legacy GM Question Programming- SOUND & TEXT

    Hello. Im trying to do some sort of undertale-like dialogue in which characters talk to the protagonist through textboxes. Thing is I have recorded the lines of the characters because I want their lines to be heard at the same time they are appearing on-screen... but i dont know how to insert...
  17. D

    Cropping the text at the bottom of a text field

    Hello guys! One thing that is a bit strange in GMS is when you use draw_text_ext and you want to wrap a word it doesn’t work properly if one word is longer ( in pixels) than the width of the text field. Fortunately, I got some help from one user and it works almost perfectly now with one...
  18. RizbIT

    fit font into a circle

    Can the size of a font be dynamically or programaticaly be changed during runtime to fit a variable string into a set sized circle or square?
  19. L

    No Text after Dying[solved]

    Hey, i have an other annoyance... I have sign posts that act as some kind of tutorial. The Signs are working perfectly, but after the player died once, no text is apperaing. the camera is still focused on the sign untill the text is written, but there is no actual text... here is the code...
  20. Kiwi

    GMS 2 Special characters in a string?

    I'm fairly new to GML, so this question may sound a little nooby. It's also my first post! :) So I've made a typer object which types out a string, letter by letter, which works fine. I've also made it so that when it detects a certain character, it does some kind of action. Like pausing or...