1. D

    Drag And Drop Text and Collisions. Am I missing a step?

    Newbie here, thanks to the support of the community thus far I have actually started to make some progress in my first ever game development journey. Thank you! Now I am trying to have text appear when my main player collides with an NPC sprite. I thought I could simply create a Collison event...
  2. Persia Studio

    SOLVED Text drawing bug/glitch, and some other bugs!

    Game Maker 2 V2.3.7.606 is COMPLETELY BUGGED! For starters, the IDE didn't want to accept my keystore (in game maker 1, this same keystore with the same password was accepted normally). I tried several times to change the gradle version, build tools, a bunch of other settings like API and even...
  3. T

    GML How do I draw a list of items on multiple rows once the list has reached a certain size?

    Hi. I consider myself a decent enough programmer for the most part, but I've never quite wrapped my head around loops, beyond their most basic uses. I just recently started remaking my game's inventory system, which works fine for the most part, but one thing is driving me insane, and I know...
  4. Olivebates

    Autoscale text to width?

    Hello :) I would like to scale the width so it fits within a specified width, no matter how long it is. I tried looking at the manual but couldn't find anything. Is there a simple way to do that?
  5. JeanSwamp

    Outline Text Shader

    Hey! I've been messing around with different ways of outline shader, and also checking examples of outline shaders. I've tried to apply the logic to fonts, using font_get_texture instead of sprite_get_texture and I was somewhat close of getting a working font outline, if the outline was just...
  6. JeanSwamp

    SOLVED Draw Font to Surface - Alpha problem

    Hello, I am currently drawing some sort of inventory/item list with a lot of sprites and text to a surface, so then I can just mask the surface for scrollable purposes. When drawing text to a surface, the text looks blurry, undefined and messy. After looking around in a lot of threads I found...
  7. Kleff

    AdMob: change Constent Text need help

    how can i change the Consent Text? :-D Welcome to YoYO PlayServices etc.. I thought that the text in the product information would change when I create an executable for android and install it on my phone but it hasn't changed I'm a bloody C # C ++ beginner and I don't know where to find...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] Help with fading text

    Hi all, I'm making a few tutorials and thought that it would be a nice idea that when ammo gets low, a fading message would appear above the player. Everything works well so far, this is my code: I have an if statement in a draw event which says when the bullets are less than 5 to display a...
  9. Rezonator Tools

    Asset - Scripts Typing Text Input Box for GMS 2.3

    Hello GM Community! We have just released a new keyboard input text system with plenty of text-editor-inspired goodies to add to your next project. The GUI is adaptable and able to be positioned & moved anywhere around the camera. The text will scroll along horizontally as typed, meaning there...
  10. giraffeman210

    SOLVED Line Break Help

    I can't seem to figure out the line break for text. I am just looking for a simple way to split a string of text to another line, but everywhere I look I get something different and it doesn't work. Even using the manual I can't get it to work. Am I missing something? Thanks!
  11. M

    SOLVED How to align text to be in the middle of the room?

    I want my text to be in the middle centre of x axis of the room (whatever the text length), how can i do this
  12. R

    [SORTED OUT]adaptable textbox

    hello guys, i'm trying to make a text box that change its size according to the size and line break. Well, I even managed to get the code to work, see: //this code is part of an algorithm, so I'm just showing the main part var string_w = string_width(global.item_info[_item]); var string_h =...
  13. H

    GMS 2.3+ String with width 0 - cannot fit into callstack???

    I'm not sure why, but in my Draw GUI event I can no longer draw strings. When the debugger reaches the line of code which should draw a string, I just get the phrase (Here the string is just the word Charm, and oMite is the object which does just about everything in my game) I watched a few...
  14. Heavybrush

    drawing a sprite on a text using a text alpha

    hello guys I'm trying to make a particular effect I need to mix a text drawn by code and overlap a sprite to use a particular blend mode the only thing, I don't want to break the background, i need it only on the text maybe using gpu alpha?? ps: as a plus, by any chance, there is a way to...
  15. Telorr

    GMS 2.3+ Multiple Color in 1 draw_text_color

    Hi! I have a question. Is it possible to make a text with multiple color in 1 draw_text_color? If it's impossible, is there any alternative for this matter? Sorry for bad english. Thanks!
  16. L

    Text disappears when Pausing

    Hey guys, when I pause the game while the text is still progressing, everything works fine. But when I pause it after the text has finished typing out, it disappears. This happens even when I start the room with textprogress at a really high value and it happens when the text would have finished...
  17. Anixias

    SOLVED Mapping Delete Key to ord("\x7F") For Use With keyboard_lastchar

    Hi, all. I'm attempting to make a robust textbox system using keyboard_lastchar. This works automatically with backspaces as long as you handle "\b" as removing the character the cursor is on rather than literally adding the character "\b" to the string. It also automatically works with holding...
  18. S

    Clickable options refuse to be clicked on

    I'm trying to make clickable text-based menu options. I've made it so that when the mouse is in the rectangle surrounding the text, it will change color and highlight. I tried using the same method in a Left Mouse Down event, where if the mouse is clicked while the mouse is in the text...
  19. FoxyOfJungle

    GMS 2.3+ Scrollbar problem

    I've been trying to understand how to make a scrollbar for a few hours, I managed to make it work by dragging with the mouse, but there is a problem, a part is left out: My goal is to return a value between 0 and 1. I did it, but it goes over the limit, and no, it’s not just subtracting the...
  20. Slothagami

    GMS 2 Color coding strings at runtime

    I'm making my own version of code writer, just for fun, and I am want to make the text color coded for the languages I intend to use it for (html, css, javascript, etc...). So the problem is that I need to change part of a strings color based on context, (check if it's in brackets and things)...