text boxes

  1. Chupiperasaurio Studios

    GMS 2 Most elegant way to get a string array from a file?

    I am making a system that displays my game's conversations on a textbox and I think the only way to make it elegant and efficient is to stream all the needed text from a file every time a dialogue object is created so that each time a conversation happens I just have a not-so-long text array and...
  2. Y


    i am new to game maker and i copied a youtube video about adding dialogue and text boxes but it keeps saying error. I dont know what it means or what to do. my code: //scr_text("Text",speed,x,y); txt = instance_create(argument2,argument3,obj_text); with (txt){ padding = 16; maxlength =...
  3. M

    Help with activating an in game conversation? (DnD)

    I'm just getting started with using Gamemaker studio 2, and have mostly worked with the sprite editor because that's the easiest to learn. I've more or less figured out how to make a text box, but I can't figure out how to activate a conversation with a npc. I've attached a picture of my work in...
  4. AndHeDrew

    [SOLVED] The first time a textbox is activated, the spacing is off.

    Hello! I've been scratching my head about this, and would be very grateful for help! I've been adding character textboxes to my game, and the first time I activate a textbox, the words are pushed farther down the box then they're supposed to be. (The X alignment is fine, it's the Y alignment...
  5. W

    Dialogue textbox issue

    Been wrestling with this issue for a while, have a working dialogue system with text properly appearing, however the textbox sprite I have set up will not fully contain the text; upon reaching the width the text will stay within the confines (sides) of the box, however it will still spill out of...
  6. WinuX

    GML Implementing Textboxes

    Hello everyone, I have a really hard time to decide how to implement my textboxes. The textboxes as such work perfectly fine, but how to implement them in objects etc is the problem here. So, I have currently have 2 methodes I could use. The first one would be to make a certaint amount of...
  7. Z

    Game Maker dialogue questions

    So I have visited several sites on how to make a dialogue in game maker and made the code from Diest tumblr tutorial on how to make a dialogue system. they run fine however there is a problem is how to implement these codes into the actual game play themselves by create unique dialogue for NPC's...
  8. W

    A Visual Representation of Ds List style text boxes

    I really want to learn how to do a text box but simply. I tried making my own version but it's kind of limited. I tried following a tutorial but coming back to it I couldn't really change it as I didn't understand just exactly what was going on with each line. So if anyone could manage it can...
  9. F

    Simple Textbox like Final Fantasy

    Alright so I'm using the textbox used in the Shaun Spalding tutorial for textboxes. He gives it an outline and I started thinking, hey I could make four outlines to make the FF text box. So I changed it to the round rectangle, and did this: I thought this was clever until I realized that it...
  10. D

    Legacy GM Best Way To Make A Dialogue Box

    I have been looking into different ways to create dialogue boxes, but I am not sure what way would be most efficient in memory, code, and things like that. There are two ways that I have been looking into in particular; the draw_surface code or just instance_create and object for each speech...
  11. M

    Legacy GM How to use 1 text box object but use different strings and manipulate the strings through the player

    This is probably the last issue regarding text boxes, but from the stat i thought i was only going to have a couple of textboxes so id just use separate objects, but now thinking it through ive realized i needed more, but i think i used the wrong tutorial because the one i did only had the part...
  12. B

    [HELP] Typewrite Text Problem

    So i used this link for my textbox in my game: http://gamejolt.com/f/game-maker-super-easy-typewriter-like-dialogue-example/1908 It used to work just fine, but now it doesn't work for some reason, and i don't know why. When i press z after the last message, its supposed to destroy the object...
  13. E

    How Would I Make This Text Box dissapear FIXED

    How would I destroy a textbox made in this video? Hope you can help, Thanks!
  14. P

    Game Mechanics Noob Requests help #1: Simple cut scenes.

    Hey there! So, i'm relatively new to GameMaker. Having followed Shaun's tutorial on Asteroid, and a few other tutorials. However, I have no background in coding so I'm still not too well versed in GameMaker or it's Mechanics. That being said I'm developing a simple little plat former as my...
  15. W

    Making a draw event text box dissapear after a few seconds

    i have a code written that draws a text box here ///Render textbox & text draw_set_alpha(alpha); if (alpha < 1) alpha += spd/0.1; else alpha = 1; draw_set_font(font); draw_set_color(c_gray); draw_rectangle(x,y,x+boxwidth,y+boxheight,0); draw_set_color(c_white)...
  16. T

    Change position/location of text box

    For the next game I'm working on, I'm using text boxes. As of right now, the text box appears in the center of the room/level. What do I change to get the box to be in the right hand corner; in other words, do I change the Script, do I change the Object: Create or Draw Event, or do I change the...