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    Legacy GM Multiple choice game, Paths/choices not working

    Hello I am fairly new to using GML and i'm using Gamemaker 1.4 to make a text adventure game with multiple choices and I have run into an issue that I cant seem to fix. Essentially when I play through the game if I make one choice it will take me down the path of the later choice, sorry for the...
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    GML Drawing text that scrolls at a certain point

    Hi beautiful people out there! I'm not really a programmer, more a storyteller by trade. But really been enjoying Game Maker Studio. However, I've been having a tough time drawing text that someone could scroll through. For example, creating something like the textboxes in games like...
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    Android [alpha] Dungeon Key, the Txt Msg Rpg [sms server]

    Dungeon Key explore a familiar world through a new medium. Android download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5ujr67sg5ca75sk/dungeon_key_alpha_1.apk/file Dungeon Key is a text message (sms) based game server. you can play single player on your phone without text messages or press a single button...
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    Released Winter Of The Bomia

    Hello to everyone! Becaus I introduce me new game to you I wanted to wish you good luck to the new year! Also I want to apologize for any possible grammar mistakes I make, I am not native english speaker. Winter Of The Bomia is game I have created during 1+1=3 game jam. It was my first...