text adventure

  1. L

    Text disappears when Pausing

    Hey guys, when I pause the game while the text is still progressing, everything works fine. But when I pause it after the text has finished typing out, it disappears. This happens even when I start the room with textprogress at a really high value and it happens when the text would have finished...
  2. D'Andrëw Box

     Gameflow Designer - A tool to make text based games easily.

    < This tool is still on early access, so i'll love to recieve some feedback! > -< DESCRIPTION >- Gameflow Designer is a tool to make easy game progression flowcharts and dialog trees with data that you can export and import as .JSON files! This tool fills the visual gap between...
  3. Zakarum

    GMS 2 [HELP] Interactive Narrative Game

    Hi guys, I'm writing an interactive story (text adventure / gamebook) with multiple choice that influence the storytelling. I wanna start with something quite easy with some random choices and few variables for protagonist parameters (eg. strenght, dexterity, luck... etc...). I wanna focalize...
  4. E

    GML Semi-Text RPG - Movement between rooms

    Hey, very new to GML (coding in general to be fair o_O) if anyone can shed some light on if i'm going horribly wrong with the way i'm trying to organise movement between rooms. create tab - counter = 0; step tab - if (counter == 0){ if mouse_check_button(mb_left) { if...
  5. C

    Multiple choice Text Adventure help needed

    Hello I am fairly new to using GML and i'm using Gamemaker 1.4 to make a text adventure game with multiple choices and I have run into an issue that I cant seem to fix. Essentially when I play through the game if I make one choice it will take me down the path of the later choice, sorry for the...
  6. C

    Windows Elohan Chronicles: The Quest for Immortality

    I have been working on a game by myself. I have spent a week hammering out the mechanics and scripts and spent hours debugging to get to this point. There are still issues with the game, and I will explain the issues in a bit. The menus are fully functional. The controls are arrow, escape and...