1. RefresherTowel

    Windows 1-Bit City Drop

    Download it here: City Drop on GameJolt / City Drop on Itch.io I felt like making a 1-bit game, so here's a little puzzle game called City Drop, I made it in roughly 2 days, give or take a few hours. City Drop is a meditative mash-up of Tetris and Match-3 (Match-2, in this case). Done in a...
  2. Lens

    GMS 2 Need help retrieving (reading) data from ds_grid

    Hello! I'm making a tile-matching game (Tetris). After a piece fall down and collides for a second its' underneath collision rectangle, it creates "Dead tiles" so to say ( gets converted into 4 "dead" objects). //In one of the pieces Triggered alarm if collidedU = 1 { global.Morph = 1...
  3. U

    Problem with collision, but maybe with image_angle

    Hey, i'm triying to make a tetris ghost piece, but it glitchs only in this case my code is if place_meeting(x, y, solid_o){ y -= 8} if !place_meeting(x, y + 1, solid_o)and(!place_meeting(x, y + 1,wall_o)){ y += 8} if place_meeting(x, y, wall_o){ y -= 8 } the sprite have precise...
  4. U

    Check collision only in y axis

    Hey, i'm triying to make a tetris ghost piece, but it glitchs only in this case my code is if place_meeting(x, y, solid_o){ y -= 8} if !place_meeting(x, y + 1, solid_o)and(!place_meeting(x, y + 1,wall_o)){ y += 8} if place_meeting(x, y, wall_o){ y -= 8 }
  5. U

    Moving blocks after clearing line - Tetris

    Hey, i'm having issues with moving the blocks down after clearing the line, here's the code of deleting an line: for(var _y = 0; _y < 128; _y++){ var full = true; for(var _x = 8; _x < 81; _x++){ if(!instance_position(_x,_y,solid_o)){ full = false...
  6. AiNaKa

    Collision not working properly, don't know why

    I'm trying to work on a tetris clone, most mainly for practice, but I can't seem to get the collisions to work properly, the pieces won't fit into certain spaces properly. I can't imagine why the collisions aren't working, but I've tried many different approaches to a collision system, but each...
  7. tagwolf

    Perfect Tween Type Object Rotation and Falling (Tetris, Gear Platforms, etc)

    GM Version: 2.X Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary: This tutorial will get you perfect, snappy style, tween-ish with rebound object rotation. This is really useful and fun for Tetris-type games and would look great in 2d platformer games on platforms that rotate too. UPDATE...
  8. netoxinaa

    [SOLVED]problem with my tetris

    Hello there, I'm trying to do a tetris by my own and I came around this problem which I can't solve. I have all of my tetris pieces as objects, and everytime once an instance gets created, it goes every second down, but it leaves like a sprite rail which doesn't have to do, just like in the...
  9. X

    Android Figureblot : Puzzle [Android]

    "Figureblot" is a simple game very similar to tetris. Features: - The pieces come out above and below -It has very weird figures that increase difficulty -There are 3 "special pieces". -It has global and local highscores system, you can sign in with the google play account and change your name...
  10. Let's Clone

    Tetris Clone Tutorial is up!

    GM Version: 1.4 Target Platform: Windows/Mac OSX Download: N/A Links: (Assets) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jw460k5gnslninl/AABvNe_mZ_ahP9zgWImJXHTXa?dl=0 Summary: Welcome to Let's Clone! I've been working hard to finish up Tetris so I can start uploading this clone tutorial, and the time is...
  11. csanyk

    Asset - Demo GML Tetris Demo

    GMLTetris 1.1 A Tetris demo project. Just configure or mod to suit your needs. A great project to learn GML from! Fully-featured, and configurable, it requires only sound files to be added to complete the project. It’s meticulously researched, beautifully coded, fully documented, and...
  12. F

    Checking the sprite of a colliding object.

    Hey there I'm currently working on a tetris like game and i want the score gained when you clear a line to multiply based on the number of blocks with the most occurring sprite in the cleared line. However the only way I can think to do this is by checking the sprite of each block in the line...
  13. B

    Legacy GM Tetris destroy completed row, need help

    I have basically a tetris like clone and I convert the blocks into 50x50 objects I call "obj_solid". I need to check these rows if they are all filled and delete them all...I have followed an online tutorial and it didn't help....it basically has me jumping to a position and check each one and...
  14. MicroKiss

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]instance destroy in line ?

    Hello there, I'm trying to make a tetris game in gamemaker 2 and I would like to know if it's possible to destroy instances in fixed y position ? ( this is for clearing a line in tetris) for exapmle if an object name's == THIS and it's Y coord == this, then destroy it . Is it possible ?
  15. M

    Tetris Hard Drop

    Hi all! I am having troubles with my copy of tetris game. I have difficulty in making a hard drop, I made a temporary solution with somthing like this: [OBJECT PIECE] (STEP EVENT) if (key_space_press){ hard_drop = true; alarm[1] = 1; } (ALARM[1] EVENT) /* Here i check collision...
  16. T

    GML Tetris: Break Blocks up into Pieces (To destroy rows)

    Hi everyone, I am creating a Tetris game and am trying to make it so that the rows get destroyed when a row is filled with blocks. I have 7 different sprites for the block pieces and they all contain 4 cells worth of blocks (each 16 pixels wide and long) In order to destroy a row, I would need...
  17. T

    GML Using While Loop To Make Tetris Quick Drop

    Hey everyone. I am trying to make a quick drop function in my Tetris game that makes the block instantly fall to the bottom when the player presses a certain button. Currently the blocks fall at a fixed rate of 16 pixels every second. So when the player presses the space key, I have a while...
  18. woodsmoke

    Would Tetris be a smash hit if it were released today?

    [hypothetical question] What if no one made Tetris yet and it was developed last week, would it still be a smash hit like it was a long time ago? I'm guessing it would go under because there are so many other nice minimal games out there for browser and mobile. Hardware is important too...
  19. R

    Problem with Collision Mask

    Hello everyone, I am a beginner user of this awesome engine GameMaker: Studio and I am trying from time to time to create something to play with. I am now making a simple Tetris clone but I am stuck at very stupid error. Don't know if this is a GameMaker error itself or I am doing something...