1. Binsk

    GMS 2 UBG Terminal / Command Console

    Hello there! How would you like a fully functional in-game terminal running in your project in the next 2 minutes? If that sounds good to you then get your hands on it at one of these places: Yoyo Marketplace [$1.99] Upset Baby Games Store [$0.99 crypto only] Itch.IO Store [$1.00] This is the...
  2. Binsk

    Free [Source] GMS2 Terminal Backend

    I wrote this system relatively quickly for a project I am working on. I figured that it may be useful for those who want to be able to easily implement an in-game terminal. Download It handles opening / closing the terminal, terminal history, user input (and displaying it correctly with...
  3. Bladevampirek

    Android / Amazon Fire Linux Terminal Handbook for Android & Promotional Contest

    #bladeslinuxterminalapp Enter for a chance to get this App for Free, Promotional Contest Ending May 12th, 2017. Share this Post or a Post like this, with either or both of the Google Play link, Ebay Listing Link of the Linux Terminal App. if 1-10 people enter, I'll give away 1 free copy of the...