1. poorlocke

    Alpha Infinity Engine inspired Isometric RPG template

    UPDATE: sneaking, combat, item drop and pickup Here I explain enemy behavior, alertness, sneak mode and some item functions ORIGINAL POST I've been working on making a template with looks and works similar to the Infinity Engine. If you aren't familiar, it's the engine that the Icewind...
  2. clee2005

    Discussion Build substitution values - Extensions

    Does anyone know (@Nocturne?) where there's documentation on the build substitution variables that are in the the template and extensions? eg. ${YYXCodeProjName} and ${YYAndroidPackageName} I'm working on some extensions and it would be really useful to know what possible values I can...
  3. Y

    Asset - Project [Solved] Isometric RPG game template?

    Hi. I think isometric or top view 2d map games are some of the basis of GMS2. The thing is, Im a bit lazzy to program all the collisions, 8 direction possible collisions, been behind a tree or not, etc etc. Do you guys know any template, demo or project that I can use as template? If it is...
  4. W

    Open source GameMaker Studio 2 template

    Hi everyone, I've created a GameMaker Studio 2 project template that can help you get to designing and developing your core mechanics faster. It provides an animated font, a basic UI framework, basic state management, input handling, and a couple other things. I am making it available under...
  5. J

    Asset - Project Tower Builder Template Asset

    Is there a Tower Builder Template asset out there anywhere? I am looking to create a tower builder game like Tiny Tower-ish but am only finding endless results for tower "defense". Even a link to a tutorial series or something would be great!
  6. alexde5th

    Legacy GM Basic Sidescrolling Shooter template

    Game Maker version: Studio 1.4 Platform: Windows Download link: (around 300 KB) https://www.dropbox.com/s/kkr97leedk562od/Sidescrolling Shooter Template.gmx (v2).zip?dl=0 Attachments: none A year ago I made a template of a basic side-scroller. Here's an improvement over that. This...
  7. Ladi_Pix3l

    Idea Pixel Template

    Hi everyone!!! My question is, is it easier to design characters based off a template and if so. is this a good start? PS: I don't draw men well and also I realized I type "is" twice :confused:
  8. T

    Question - IDE Auto Tile Template Export/Import?

    I have spent quite a lot of time creating Auto Tile Templates for a game and wish to reuse them in another project. Is there a way to export and import them? If not this is a big feature that is missing. It would also allow developers to share tile maps,auto tiles etc.
  9. C

    Windows Game Mechanics Hud

    So I wanted to work on a hud for my game at some point, and I had a few questions. But I think to keep people from becoming confused, I shall start with just one question. In Mega Man and Metroid and some Gladiator games there is a hud display graphic representing your armor quality. In my game...
  10. 2

    Asset - Graphics RPG Character Templates

    Hey, I remember back in the day I would search for a good template to base my own rpg characters on so I didn't have to create them from scratch... Welp now I made my own! https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/4523/rpg-character-template This includes a small character template with a walk...
  11. Nocturne

    OFFICIAL Tutorial Guidelines and Template

    Here you can post tutorials that you have written or recorded for everyone in the community to learn from. All tutorials must be free and threads posted should follow the template given below. Code should use semicolon line termination and appropriate indentation. And it should have sufficient...