1. F

    Teleport station problem

    Hi! What's up? Before explainning my problem I have to say, 1. English is not my maternal language, sorry if I have mistakes! 2. This is my first post, sorry if i don't follow any rule. Well, my problem is that I'm developing a game with a few friends, everything was going (almost) excellent...
  2. K

    A strange character moving issue

    I can't understand what could cause this issue. Movement worked perfect before I added movement animation. I tried to use other spritesheets but it didn't work "Create" event phy_fixed_rotation = true; image_speed = 0; movement_speed = 4; "Step" event var move_up = (keyboard_check(ord("W")))...
  3. R

    Don't teleport into objects!

    Hey! I'm making a Top Down Shooter where you can teleport towards the mouse, the player just jumps to the postion of obj_cursor. If I click on obj_wall the player teleports into it and gets stuck. Is there a way how to not teleport into it? Like if you click on it it teleports beside the wall...
  4. S

    GMS 2 Jump Glitch (Please Help)

    Need help on this glitch. Everytime I jump and touch a wall and then press the opposite movement button to the wall, I get teleported to the wall on the other side and wise versa. Example, If I jump and touch the wall on the right and press left arrow key, I get teleported the very other wall on...
  5. G

    View Scrolls to new player position GM8pro

    OK, I have a guy on the map that gets captured and then has to appear some where else on the Map. I move the Player Position to x,y but then the view 0 starts roaming the Room (the Map Below), towards the new position. I would like it to be instantaneous. So how would be the best way to do this?
  6. A

    Pause Between Teleports, Should Player Destroy/Respawn?

    I have everything working for a pretty dramatic type of bells and whistles n fireworks teleportation feature going on ..if i do say so myself... so it's not (game-time) instantaneous.. .like you don't touch one pad and appear on the next instantly.. there's time and animation involved, not to...
  7. B

    HELP! Portals Code.

    Hello community, I have an object (oPortal) and I use more than 2 in a room, how can I get the X and Y of a specific portal in a room? In the level editor you could have 2 portals to which you want to link and another 2 with those who want to link (I would use 1 single object (oPortal)), I...
  8. YCCCM7

    Windows Pathstart "Teleportation"?

    Didn't think I'd be asking around here for help again so soon, but hey, such is life. So this is kind of an odd and specific question. Working on an RTS. It has a grid for terrain and the like, walls, rocks that slow down workers, etc. But I can't help but notice that when simply using mp_paths...
  9. J

    Legacy GM Teleporting to thrown object

    Hello everyone, I am trying to figure out how to add how to have my player object throw/shoot something and then click again to teleport to it, without the player object clipping into the floor/ground/wall/etc. Any suggestions on code that will keep the player object firmly above the floor and...
  10. Luke Pierson

    Programming Animation Hell. Please help :)

    Hello! So I've been working on an enemy for my game that will run away from the player and then teleport back to the center of the map if they reach the end. The whole time, they shoot projectiles which must be dodged. (Think Wizrobes from Zelda) The problem: I have it set to where if the...
  11. L


    hey this is my first time using GM and i am attempting to make a top down game involving teleportation through walls I have gotten the moment and collision to work but when i try and teleport nothing happens. here is the code, any ideas? (the teleport code is located at the bottom of the code)...