1. D

    GMS 2 Shaking and tearing objects when view moves too fast

    Hello. I'm working on a space themed game where the camera follows the player but the obj_player goes at such fast speeds that the interface UI windows (which can be dragged and moved with the mouse) that follow the camera view start to shake when when I click and drag them across the screen...
  2. inertias

    GMS 2 Font issue relating to screen resolution

    So above is a picture of a sprite that contains a very small font. My game is at 1920x1080 resolution and my monitor matches that as well. My problem is that when I draw this font to the screen (using the draw gui event), the font only appears clearly depending on where my mouse coords are (I am...
  3. S

    Windows Sprites tearing

    Hello, I have got problem with moving objects. Sprite is lagging or tearing... Look on this video: Do you see that? Or this is normal? In settings i checked "Use synchronization ..." I think I have this issue in Unity too. Maybe it is problem with hardware?! My Computer: Two Monitors Samsung...
  4. Tionard

    Question - Code [Solved]Avoid Pixel displacement

    Hello everyone. I was working for a long time on a project in gms 1.4 and I switched to gms 2 a few months earlier. I rewriting my project on gms 2 and dealing with some issues and one of this issues is a rendering synchronization problem. I use this options: and I have also set up a simple...
  5. C

    Windows Weird Screen Tearing With Nearest Neighbor Interpolation

    I've turned off the "Interpolate colors between pixels" in order to allow my game to look retro-esque when setting to full screen mode. I want to keep my pixel art sharp, but I've noticed weird artifacts. Any way to fix this issue? Is there a name for this? I've also checked "Use...
  6. D

    Windows Tearing with GTX

    I'm new with GM, starting to have fun doing 2d platformer. I'm doing prototypes at my home with a Radeon (don't remember, but mid-quality). And all 2d gamemaker games are running good, my prototypes are running good, 60 fps perfect. But with the PC at work, I noticed A LOT of Tearing. Here we...
  7. C

    Android Android Debugging -- Image Tearing *UNSOLVED*

    Hey all, I am having some issues with tearing for my game. I have tried most if not all settings within the prefs and settings for android and no luck :/ any suggestions would be great :) ps - Im not sure if this belongs here, new to the site XD