1. JesterOC

    Job Offer - Programmer Hiring Python/GML Programmer for TCP Network Holepunching

    Hi there, looking to expand my games multiplayer capabilities... getting into holepunching... I was able to get UDP holepunching to work but was too unreliable for what I want... Looking for someone to make Python master server that can holepunch GM clients to GM servers... with TCP... PM me or...
  2. kalzme

    Is network_destroy() the proper way to disconnect from a TCP connection?

    I've set up a simple nodejs server and a GMS2 client that connects to it. It seems to be able to connect properly, however, when I disconnect using network_destroy(socket); the nodejs server errors saying read ECONNRESET. This error indicates that the client abruptly closed the connection...
  3. DonMaklesso

    Changing from TCP to UDP

    So basically I have a basic multiplayer (server - client) in my game running on TCP protocol, but I wanted to see how it works on UDP. But when I do this (change from tcp to udp) client can't connect to the server, like it entered wrong IP (same result). Could you please tell me if I should...
  4. T

    GMS 2 Multiplayer desynchronization

    Hello, I've been trying to fix a synchronization problem with my multiplayer characters for more than a week. The time between sending the movement information and processing the information for all clients is so high that the character teleports back with each movement, which is very...
  5. tearzz

    GMS 2 Asynchronous Networking won't start?

    So I have an object called obj_connection. Within that object there's two events. A create event and a asynchronous networking event. Create: init_connection(); connect(); Both scripts work, I've used show_debug_message along the way and it has indeed done all it need to do. Asynchronous...
  6. LDinos

    GMS 2 [HELP] LAN works perfectly, WAN is really buggy and weird

    Hello! I have been making a 3-match game and I recently added online functionality. After I read the documentation about making servers, I finally managed to make a LAN gamemode, and I saw that it worked perfectly! So it was time to port forward my ip and give it to somewhere else to try it with...
  7. Z

    Can't send TCP packet

    Hello, i'm trying to send a string packet from step event in net-manager object by calling a send script. but for some reasons its not sent. in the networking event i used same method and it works perfectly. i'm absolutely stunned right now. here is a picture for explaining further. (i'm using...
  8. Z

    Windows trying to read received tcp packet: illegal argument type

    i'm trying to read a received tcp packet from custom c# server. i copy the code from an officiel example (NetworkDemo) i'm stuck on this for days now. all that's happening is the server sending a packet containing a message and i'm trying to read it and flash it to the debug console. here is the...
  9. jana

    TCP client won't connect

    Hi, I'm trying to run a server and a client on my laptop. The server starts, but I get an error when I try to create a client. This code runs in the client's Create event: connect = client_connect("my.ip.address", 50000); and here's the script client_connect: var ip = argument0, port =...
  10. Zhanghua

    GMS 2 【BUGS】network_type_connect leave me the wrong IP and Port

    Server Create srcport = 6513; server = network_create_server(network_socket_tcp,srcport,5); network_set_timeout(server,2000,2000); ClientMap = ds_map_create(); Server Step var sendbuff = buffer_create(16384, buffer_fixed, 2); var size = ds_map_size(ClientMap) ; if( size > 0 ){ var sock =...
  11. A

    Beta Iron Age Kingdoms - ONLINE Strategy Game Looking for Beta Testers

    FREE TO WIN GAMES! Tired of having to spend money to compete in a strategy game on the world stage? Look no more, Iron Age Kingdoms is HERE! Manage your Kingdom in Real Time. Build, Research and Train your Army to complete against other players in a game of World Domination. Game is...
  12. T

    GMS 2 Connect to TCP server asynchronous

    Is it possible to connect to a TCP server asynchronously in GMS2? network_connect freezes the game until it either connects or it fails to connect. I would really like to have some sort of animated "connecting to server" notification so that the player knows what is happening and doesnt think...
  13. U

    Legacy GM Multiplayer LAN lobby?

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to build a multiplayer LAN lobby engine, that works as so: the server (host) broadcasts its IP to everyone in the LAN (presumably through UDP); the clients that want to join a session receive the server's IP; the clients connect to that IP now through TCP. The...
  14. RizbIT

    Android multiplayer on Android

    I knwo how to use tcp to connect devices, but to date i always work with desktop windows apps. When working with android multiplayer apps, do you still have to account for the issues relating to port forwarding?? so say i have two Android phones that are connected to internet via data...
  15. Anixias

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Ghost Socket Connection in TCP

    A client connects with socket (created by network_create_socket(network_type_tcp)) that equals 1. When the server connects them, the list of client_sockets has both socket 1 and socket 2 in the list. Socket 2 always connects before socket 1. This is messing with my game. This is literally just...
  16. Anixias

    Legacy GM Using TCP and UDP at the same time

    Now, I'm already aware of what I should probably do. Have a TCP socket that the clients use to connect to the server and send information that needs to be reliably sent, and also have a UDP socket that they send pretty much everything else through. Well, my game is 100% UDP at the moment, and I...
  17. S

    Networking Series on YT

    Dear all, I have started to make a YouTube networking series, please check it out, subscribe and leave a like! Link here Thanks, SebtheDev()
  18. B

    TCP based multiplayer engine for android?

    Is there any TCP based multiplayer engine that supports Android?
  19. CodeManu

    Legacy GM [RESOLVED] Wrong packets in TCP connection between GM:S and Java

    Hi all! After been struggling with this for about 30 hours by now I've decided to post it here because I don't think I can find an explanation by myself. Introduction: I've been working on a Java server for a GM:S game, the connection is made through TCP. The Java server connects with GM:S...