1. samspade

    Windows Tags Bug or Am I doing it Wrong?

    The manual says: "You can also add a tag to a folder group, which will apply it to all the assets within the folder. Once added, all tags will be visible under the Quick Access menu and also in the Filter options (as explained in the sections above), and so can be used to quickly filter the...
  2. Daniel Mallett

    Windows regions

    This is really a yes or no question. Can I hide my region tags so they don't appear as text but just a plus minus Jobin's?
  3. Cloaked Games

    GMS 2 Object/Instance Tags

    So, I think I already know the answer to my question, but I don't like it very much, so I'm asking here to see if anyone has any better ideas. I need a way to separate objects into useful categories, so I can treat them correctly in collision events mostly, but it's useful for a lot of things...
  4. Shadowblitz16

     ogg files do not loop with audio tags.

    hello I just recently found out the gamemaker studio 2 doesn't support audio tags does anybody know why? does it ever plan on being added? the way I see it, ogg files are useless because of this feature. you might say that you can do that with audio functions, but why when you can just add the...
  5. A

    Question - IDE Advanced Tabs Options in the Works?

    Hi I use a pop out window with numerous top-tabs and multiple columns for sub-tabs to organize scripts that stem off each other.. ie: timelines and moments.. top level cases and sub-cases etc.. i have so many in my layout that it's difficult to identify from a quick look, which ones are...
  6. H

    collision with several objects

    i want to check an collision with my enemys. there are some enemy object, do i have to write for every enemys an collision check, or is there a way to check the collision with the enemys with one code?
  7. H

    Multiple Use for one Object?

    I have spr_title: it has 3 subimages (not for animation) obj_title: every instance for a subimage has been created in room i want to know if there i way to code every single instance of the object in the event. Thankyou
  8. H

    Discussion Red Skin for GameMaker: Studio?

    I need a Red Skin Theme for GameMaker: Studio... I love Red... Not Green... Lol, It will boost my confident up while I'm making my Video Game with GameMaker: Studio :D Anybody found a Red Skin for GM:S or can you make one? lolololol... *I don't know what to say next lol*