1. Brodie

    Steam There Will Be Ink - Out Now On Steam Early Access!

    Hey there folks! My first commercial release, There Will Be Ink, is now out on Steam Early Access! Check out the EA release trailer here: TWBI seeks to emulate battles between stick figure armies doodled on a lined paper notepad, just like you used to draw in class instead of paying...
  2. Brodie

    Alpha There Will Be Ink - Tactical Shooter - Alpha 5.0 Release

    Hello there! I've released a new build for There Will Be Ink, a difficult tactical shooter for 1-4 players. Play solo or with/against friends in battles between stick figure armies drawn on a paper notepad, just like you used to draw in class instead of paying attention! Check out the game in...
  3. Ben Allen

    Free [Steam] Wequer - Tactical Online Multiplayer

    Chess has evolved! Hatch units from eggs, make ranged attacks, cast dastardly spells, and take control of the board to win in Wequer. Watch the trailer Get the game on Steam Join the Wequer Discord Channel Wequer is an accessible turn-based tactics game with deceptive competitive depth. Take...
  4. Brodie

    Alpha There Will Be Ink - Tactical Action Shooter w. Local Co-op

    Hello there! There Will Be Ink is a tactical action game for 1-4 players. Play solo or with friends in 4 player battles between stick figure armies on a paper notepad, just like you used to draw in class instead of paying attention! Here is a short trailer showing some gameplay: Features...
  5. N

     Turn-Based Tactics Time Manipulation Game

    Hello, GameMaker Community. I am currently working on a Game Design Document for a turn-based tactics game, which I'll use to eventually make a working prototype with GameMaker Studio 2. I have a really neat idea that involves heroes using the power to manipulate time to gain the upper hand...
  6. zendraw

    Released Frontline

    >FRONTLINE< Frontline is an arcade space shooter with an extra feature, battle stations. You operate a space Fighter and your main goal during play is to destroy as meny and as fast as you can, hazzards. And get to the alien mother [boss]. During combat the Battle Ship that follows you will...
  7. FelixPix

    Windows Lords of Nysera [Tactical RPG]

    Hello Everyone ~ So I finally got around to making a basic demo video of my WIP game and figured I'd show it off here. A short explanation and then the vid: Backstory: I've been working on a tactical RPG inspired by Fire Emblem, Shining Force and a even a bit of DnD. I've draw countless...
  8. D

    Deserters (cats, ww2, isometria, turn-based)

    Title: Deserters Genre: turn-based tactical RPG Engine: GMS 2 Platforms: Win, Mac Hi guys! We already make game about cats in WW2 setting for some time (but it is still early WIP) and at last decided to share our progress with you. Very briefly about the game: Single player, WW2 setting...
  9. G

     Water Escape!

    Water Escape! Recent progress: Story Hopemans live peacefully in the depths of their world, until some day, something bad happens. While Blumber (the only hopeman who isn't afraid of water) is in the shower, the water starts to raise. And hopemans don't like water! The only thing they can...
  10. M

    What Can Make A Game Truly "Different"

    A this point in time, I am currently planning a tactical-RPG, in the likeness of "Fire Emblem", due to my fondness of the series and enjoyment of the system. However, I keep running into the same problem when mulling over ideas in my head (or on paper, but you know what I mean); how is what I'm...
  11. Fabseven

    Legacy GM Tile Detection or object detection ? +moveable calculation (tactical game)

    Hello there, I am thinking about a tactical game ... Wondering about how i can make my unit move according to those rules : Path = cost 1 move Plain = cost 1 move Forest = cost 2 move Mountain = not possible for ground unit If my current unit is on a Plain and go across forests i will cost 2...
  12. YanBG

    Turn-based strategy

    That's the tactical mode(i plan few more unit types and province map). Huge thanks to this tutorial: This is the shader that changes the player color(red to blue): http://gmc.yoyogames.com/index.php?showtopic=589348
  13. Adrien Dittrick

     The Executive Game

    The Executive Game is about making elaborate plans to execute various crimes like robbery, kidnapping and assassination. Each mission has a certain amount of random generation, but after that everything becomes deterministic: If the player informs himself sufficiently, he can prepare for any of...
  14. xDGameStudios

    Legacy GM [QUESTION] Objects vs Disabled Object + Tiles

    It is a known fact that using tiles is better than using objects, but tiles can't contain as much information as objects. So I wanted to know if anyone has tried or knows the answer to this performance related question. I'm making a Tactical RPG in GameMaker, and I need terrain information so I...