1. Smenkare

    How to contain all the data

    My every weapon, every piece of armor has different stats and sprite animations. I dont know how it works in gm and what its the most efficent and easiest way. My sword for example has 4 different variables. sword.animation sword.damage sword.equipped sword.clicked And i have these weapons like...
  2. Shadowblitz16

    Discussion Lua tables to replace arrays?

    I was wondering if at some point yoyo games would think about replacing arrays entirely with lua tables? they would basically be the same thing but would also be able to hold key pair values. so it would look something like this.. var table1 = { "hi", 0 } //list or array var table2 = {} //map...
  3. D

    GML Keeping track of a variable

    Hey! I'm currently creating an highscore table that keeps track of the name, the score, and the difficulty. I got the name and score working perfectly fine but not the difficulty. What I have so far write the current difficulty on every line of the highscore table and I don't know what I'm...
  4. zbox

    Asset - Scripts GMDB

    Marketplace: Category: Scripts Price: $7.99 $3.99 Modules: All Description: A full GML-Only database implementation reminiscent of an SQL database that many developers are familiar with. This extension has been developed with special care to...
  5. MusNik

    Asset - Shaders LUT Color Correction

    Download: LUT shader is allowing you to use RGB lookup tables that provides you to make any color correction in your game for changing style, mood, making post effects and full color grading. You can actually "port' any color...
  6. David Richard

    Legacy GM Keyboard layout key definitions for customized controls

    GM Version: ALL Target Platform: ANY Download: No download required Summary: This is how to put all your keyboard layout keys in one array and retrieve them after for customized user controls in your game. Tutorial: I wanted to give this piece of code for anyone wanting to have something fast...