1. jf_knight

    GMS 2.3+ Any way to turn synchronization and interpolation on/off in game?

    I know they can be switched on and off in GM2 in the Game Options - Windows -> Graphics settings, but are there ways to toggle synchronization and interpolation on and off (with GML) while a game is running?
  2. M

    Asset - Audio BPM - Music Synchronization Asset for GMS2

    Hello again! I wanted to share with you guys an asset I've uploaded today to the marketplace and I call this BPM - Music Synchronization Machine, or just BPM - Music Sync. This asset let you input a bpm, a time signature and it will do the rest. It's programmed in a way so that it...
  3. J

    Android Multiple Cloud Saving

    Hi ! I need some help : I'm building multiple games for android. Each one is a part (or a chapter) of a big story. Basically, i want to share Cloud saved data beetween each of this games. Exemple : In chapter 1 my player won 1500 point of xp. I'm saving it on the cloud. Then my player is...
  4. C

    GML Ds lists and Multiplayer

    Hey there, I just wanted to know if there is a way to sync a ds list, so all users on a server can acces it. Currently i am using gmnet Engine and i couldnt find a way to do so. I already have a working Dropdown menu, but right now nothing happens when you click it because there are no...
  5. meltypixel

    Question - IDE Will "alternate synchronization method" come to GMS2?

    I recently upgraded my project to GMS2. I've had issues with the default synchronization method in 1.4, but I found success using the "alternate synchronization method" previously available in the advanced Windows graphics settings. It seems this is no longer an option in GMS2. Is the...