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  1. zbox

    Asset - Extension CloudSave - iOS & Android [25% OFF]

    CloudSave Marketplace: http://bit.ly/2FC8XKt Category: Extensions (All Platforms except for HTML5) Price: $39.99 $29.99 Modules: iOS & Android Description: Read the documentation here CloudSave provides a seamless solution to save your user's games on both Android and iOS whilst only requiring...
  2. B

    image_index Out of Sync

    What would be the best way to sync the image_index of the same objects that have been recently activated. I had to deactivate instances a certain radius away due to lag problems but this results in objects having animation out of sync. Thank you!
  3. pieterator

    GMS 2 audio_play_in_sync_group() doesn't return unique ID

    I'm currently using audio sync groups for multi intensity music in my game. The idea is to have 3 pieces of music play in the sync group, and then cross fade between them as the intensity of the game increases. From the GameMaker Studio 2 help file on audio_play_in_sync_group(): The example...
  4. C

    GML MP checking who "owns"/ controls a instance

    Hey guys, I currently have a ds_list from wich you can choose a Player you want to join in his team. The chosen player gets put into a global variable. What i want to do now is pick a instance and then check wether it belongs to the selected player or not, so i can track its x and y position.(i...
  5. Wuzzems

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Music, Out of Sync

    So far I have not implemented full screen and thus everything is playing in a window. When you drag the window of the game around or if you right click at the top of the window then the game stops, but the music keeps on going which in my case it is necessary for the music to stop as well...
  6. Anixias

    Legacy GM Multiplayer - Send Surfaces

    So, I tried using buffer_get_surface and buffer_set_surface to send a surface of a dynamically created spaceship from the server to each client whenever a player changes their active ship. However, my cousin is unable to see any ships (except pirates, who use sprites defined in the actual...
  7. Anixias

    Legacy GM Better Way to Sync Object Destructions in Multiplayer

    Currently, my method is to have the server send a list of all objects close to a client twice per second. I don't like sending lists of objects, and I am about to see how this effects performance: buffer_write number of objects near the client loop through them writing their IDs client...
  8. W

    Sound and game get out of sync... How to prevent it?

    Hello, fella GameMakers! Best way to describe my problem is to imagine making a Guitar Hero clone, where a song plays in the background and notes arrive. The notes are "in sync" with the song in the original Guitar Hero game. This is something I find impossible to make in GameMaker. Why? Well...