1. Kyrieru

    GMS 2 Getting Japanese text from a a txt file.

    Following some advice I was able to read from a .txt file and get a dialogue system working with english. if file_exists(path+file) { read = file_text_open_read(path+file); var num = 0; while (!file_text_eof(read)) { str[num++] = file_text_read_string(read); message[num] = ""...
  2. C

    Windows Most numbers in the IDE replaced with symbols?

    I just installed Game maker on this computer and now some of the numbers have been replaced with symbols, I don't know how to fix this, any suggestions?
  3. B

    Newb question: Special Characters / Symbols

    EDIT: I have now found the solution. I went to my font and added a new range, and added ASCII values. I have now solved the problem. I have not had any success in being able to draw text with special symbols. I have had luck using the chr() function for standard letters, but I am having issues...
  4. V

    Saving and loading txt files with symbols

    So I'm creating this android game where you can create your own levels and save them. Those levels are saved in a .txt file inside the device's memory. One of the things I need to save and load is the level's name, which might contain characters like á, Ö, etc that aren't compatible with ANSI...