1. sinigrimi

    Discussion No code displayed on docs.yoyogames

    how can I make it so that I see the code in the browser (google chorme), copying and pasting each time for character recognition is very exhausting. Thanks in advance!
  2. P

    What is this for a Symbol??

    A 1 isnt it. when I write the 1 have the 1 a another calour but in the tutorial the 1 is white. How I do this? Thanks for help!
  3. giraffeman210

    Drag And Drop Division symbol?

    I am using gms2 dnd and I know you can use * for multiplication but is there a symbol for division? I feel silly asking this but I can't find it for some reason Thanks!
  4. A

    Android [DONE] Symbol Learning Game

    Hi, I am Alan Chan and I am the owner of At My Games. I have created this website . And here is what my game would looks like in the end. You suppose to pick the right card symbol as the voice over have said so. Please, give me feedback if you want to.
  5. N

    ERROR: unexpected symbol in expression

    Hello everyone, I'm not really experienced with Gamemaker, so probably this is an easy question for you. While making a menu for my game, I constantly get the errror "Unexpected symbol", but I don't have any idea what's wrong... Could you help me? This is my code: global.pause =...
  6. andev

    keyboard_check with symbols

    It seems that only A-Z, 1-0 work with the keyboard_check functions. keyboard_string works for input, but I also need to know when a symbol gets released. keyboard_string fills up with repeated characters if it's held down, but only works with one key at a time, and also is extremely inaccurate...
  7. 2

    Help unexpected symbol

    I have been following along with heartbeats beginner tutorial and it says error at line 10 pos 16 which is the ? symbol. if i remove it it goes immediately to next ? symbol and says error. edit: Btw using Gamemaker 1.2.11 if thats got anything to do with it? Code: ///scr_save_game() //...