1. Adrien Dittrick

    Windows The Duel King!

    Link to the game: http://gamejolt.com/games/the-duel-king/21289 The Duel King is a game i've made a while ago, to test the Gamejolt API. It consists in a series of fights against opponents with one HP. The main character also has one HP, but 5 lives. Every character has access to the same two...
  2. Gravedust

     Kensei - top down slash-'em-up. (Windows Demo, SS, Vids) [Updated 10-30-16]

    KENSEI (Prototype) Download here (~5mb, windows, standalone .exe, includes readme. Current version.) ________________________________________________________________________________ You are a swordsman journeying to the heart of an enemy citadel. Your goal is to be the only one left alive...
  3. SilentPhil

    Asset - Graphics Pixel art - Warriors Pack

    Price: $6.99 Resource link: Marketplace Description: Well animated sprites of four warriors: Swordsman, East warrior, Rogue and Barbarian. Idle, Walk, Damage, Death Parry and Attack animation. Characters ideally combined with the backgrounds from THIS set. Swordsman Idle - 4 frames 34x27 Walk...
  4. Bluetail7

     Copycat, Cee Ann

    A game started by Bluetail in June 8, 2016 A game about Speed, Power and Accuracy! Latest preview Website - DOWNLOAD - Themes November Reach a hybrid game of speed and fighting with a level of RPG components. All in a platform where you have to master all the elements from the stage to...