1. N

    Drag And Drop [SOLVED] Switching levels/rooms after last frame of cutscene?

    Hey there! I made an frame by frame intro animation, which is controlled by button pressing. Every time you press any key, the frame changes one step forward. Now I want that after the last frame it changes the room/level to the actual gameplay part. How do I do that? The attached file shows my...
  2. S

    GMS 2 Wrong switch statement

    Ok i have problem with this. My switch statement make fatal error at line 20 and in line 29 i think same issue.Please little help with this. //variables kspace = keyboard_check ( vk_space ) ; attackspeed = 3 ; dire = 0 ; //code for attack move enum dir { maxx, minn, }...
  3. H

    Legacy GM How do I save player location after switching room?

    Hi! I'm pretty new to Game Maker Studio and coding, but what I've managed to create this far is really making me motivated to want to learn more! I am currently trying to remake the original The Legend of Zelda for the NES in Game Maker Studio 1.4, but I am having a bit of trouble saving the...
  4. RyanC

    Android / Amazon Fire Switching between NDK's and JDK's

    Hi all, I'm thinking of updating my JDK and NDK and was wondering if anyone knows how this could effect my game? Also if it's simple to just switch back to the old versions if necessary?
  5. I

    Having problems with animation end

    So I decided to make my player crouch by creating a whole script (scr_crouch_state) and made a button to cancel the crouching and switch to moving (scr_move_state) . I created a variable named crouch_keyr (r as in release) and a new script called scr_cancel_crouch. In this script , I put this...
  6. Z

    Resetting Variable problem

    In my game that I am working on you can switch between two characters and also encounter upgrades to improve your characters abilities. However I have ran into a problem were I tried experimenting with a double jump upgrade where a certain character can obtain it and double jump at will...
  7. L

    Legacy GM Weapon switching with 4 sprites

    I'm creating an action RPG game with weapon switching. And I'm wondering how to quickly and effectively create a way for each weapon to match each direction the characters facing once there switched. For example if I switch from a hand gun to an SMG I want it to carry over for all 4 sprites...