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  1. master2015hp

    GMS 2.3+ swipe gesture handle?

    Hi, i want to ask how can i handle mobile swipe gesture and scroll the view to proper direction accord to the swipe?
  2. MMM

    Asset - Demo Swipe blocks

    This GMS1 / GMS2 demo is a basic version of a code I used for my android game called UNNAMED https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.companyname.puzzle_game Demo includes swiping blocks in 4 directions. NOTE: Controls of block swipe are improved and moving block is much smoother from...
  3. Luke Pierson

    Mouse Swipe Controls

    Hey, so I'm designing a mobile app, and since I can't test gestures on my pc, I want to code it to mouse controls. Got a single room with a view that covers a third of the room. Thus, the room is segmented into three parts. They are the home, shop and social pages. The home page is center, shop...
  4. TheOnlyWRT

    Mouse Swiping

    Hey guys, So I would like to implement a swipe to throw technique with my mouse (think of angry birds and how you pull back and a dotted line shows). I found one tutorial that talked about swiping, but it was kinda confusing for me. Does anyone have any idea of how i can implement this? Thanks!
  5. Y

    making a main menu swipeable

    so I'm creating this mobile game in which you can select tons of minigames (that i'm still creating) and you can select them in the main menu. but there are alot of buttons required that dont all fit the view. is it possible to make like a swipeable menu that uses views so I can basically swipe...
  6. Z

    Legacy GM Tutorial: Swipe controls for Mouse and Touch

    GMS: (Might work in GMS2) Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (With Mouse), Android, iOS, Windows Phone (With Touch) Links that helped me make the system I use. I am sure there are maybe better methods but this works for me :) These links really helped me in making my Swipe Controls...
  7. Freddy Jones

    Asset - Scripts Vefi - free and easy velocity

    Vefi The easy way to measure velocity from jittery data! Summary: Vefi( veh-fee, short for velocity finger ) is an easy to use set of 5 well-commented scripts! With vefi, you can quickly and effectively calculate velocity of any moving instance. Applications: Effortlessly calculate the...
  8. icuurd12b42

    Asset - Project TMC Touch

    TMC Touch Outputs: All Type: Extension (scripts) Included: Scripts, Demo Sprites, Demo Objects and Demo Room Demo: https://onedrive.liv...45D1EA9168D!723 Marketplace: https://marketplace....s/398/tmc-touch Description: TMC Touch is a shape and gesture recognition engine for Single...