1. AssoAndrea

    GMS 2 SWF Image import Error

    When i import a SWF image on game maker i see only a big white square
  2. Posho

    Skeletal Animation with SWF

    Hello, I've been making some animations using Spine that have been working fine on GameMaker, but due to the large amount of textures the project size is starting to get a bit heavy, specially considering it's for a mobile game. All of my animations' textures were done in Flash and the...
  3. S

    Discussion How to get SWF images in GM:S

    I am trying to convert both my studio's logo and the logo of my current game from a bitmap to a vector image. After doing some research, I found out that GameMaker: Studio only accepts SWF vector images...
  4. AIrlan Bragi

    Discussion Vector sprites (swf) processing limit?

    Hello, I'm using a font generated by a vector sprite (swf). Because I need to draw texts in several different sizes (300px, 200px, 150px, 120px, 80px, etc.), which would generate a lot of memory expense with all the generated images for each different size from the same source. Also I can not...
  5. Didjynn

    pictures pixelation

    Hi guys, Most of my game is made with swf to avoid aliasing but I have performance issues with a huge and complex swf in the background. So I tried to optimize it but it did not do anything. I then tried it in jpg, same problem and it had a lot of pixelation even if my room, the resolution of...
  6. S

    Graphics Vector Images/SWF Editors

    Lately I've been working on a game that involves a lot of scaling, so I thought it would be better to use Vector sprites than Bitmap. So I downloaded Inkscape, thinking I could use it to make vector sprites for gamemaker. I made my sprites, only to find out game maker only supports .swf, and...
  7. Tweedle

    HTML5 wrong color with image blend on a .swf sprite and html5 target

    Hello, I noticed a weird thing when using a .swf sprite, tinting it with image_blend and running it in a browser. Here is what it looks like into GameMaker : The only piece of code is : image_blend = c_blue; It looks like this when i run it with windows target. It works fine, the sprites...
  8. Daniel Mallett

    Question - IDE Vectors

    I understand the only vector format you can use in GMS2 is SWF files. I have SVG files and raster images. I have tried a number of tools to convert SVG to SWF with no luck. Is there a solution to this or are there plans to change this. If I can't do this does that mean I have to store...
  9. A

    Question - IDE [SOLVED/BUGGY] Importing SWFs with multiple Frames into Sprites?

    Hi, I've been exporting my single frame SWF vector files from illustrator into sprites in GMS2 just fine. Now I have files with multiple layers in illustrator, and export to SWF with the "export layers to SWF Frames" option selected. When I import those into a sprite in GMS, I only get one...
  10. G

    Discussion SWF vector graphics, what is possible?

    Not so much a programming question. I find nothing in the forums about SWF vector graphics, google can't seem to stay off of the adobe website, and the manual seems a little barren for those who are not intimately familiar with SWF files. What is possible with SWF vector graphics in GMS2, aside...
  11. T

    Question - IDE What tools make compatible SWF files?

    I want to use vector graphics for my game. What software tools export graphics in the proper SWF format for use in GM2?
  12. P

    Texture Page / Texture Atlas

    I'm wanting to know where i can create it, i tried the windows -> graphics -> preview, put the file that i got is .win format, and i never saw it, there's no way to get a PNG? Also, don't know if its because of that, but the sprite/object that i'm using is from a SWF file
  13. P

    Windows Importing SWF

    I tried to import the SWF file, and got this result, can someone explain what i did wrong?
  14. G

    Graphics Import vectorial image with color gradients

    Hello ! I tried to import a vectorial image made with Adobe Illustrator CC2015. I export it in .swf and import it on gamemaker studio pro on a sprite. But I have some error message which said that game maker can't import vectorial image with gradients. Do you have a solution ? I know I can...
  15. H

    SWF Animation Assistance.

    Hello, for my current project I was wanting to attempt to do a Flash SWF animation for a cutscene and then at the end of the cutscene make it switch rooms. I am currently having issues getting the SWF Animation to on end of animation change to a different room. Any assistance with this or...
  16. Posho

     Dumb Questions That Don't Deserve A Thread

    Alright thankfully for me I got to snatch an entry to the Beta and everything looks good so far. :) I wanted to drop a bunch of threads about my questions but I think it's healthier for the forum if I don't go full spamlord. So, here I go: How do you maximize a Code Editor window? Any idea...
  17. Posho

    3D 3D Texture Turns Black When Stretched

    Hello, I have this issue. I'm working on a function that basically draws SWF sprites on a surface and saves them as regular sprites to use them as 3D textures for walls and stuff. I started implementing an user-set quality variable, which basically helps with setting the new sprites' size. qual...
  18. Posho

    Legacy GM Manipulating All SWF/Vector Sprites' Quality at Once

    Hello. I've been working on a project that uses a lot of SWF sprites and because of this the time that the project takes to compile every time I try to test the game is starting to get pretty annoying. For obvious reasons, if I set the SWF sprites' quality to 1/100 the project compiles way...
  19. Posho

    3D Using SWF sprites in 3D

    Hello everyone, it's good to be back. This is my first post in the new forums, which by the way, they look fantastic. Hope we can make this community great. ;) Alright, so I just stumbled with a little issue here. Just to get things clear right off the bat, I know SWF files don't merge in 3D...
  20. mu112

    Problem with vector sprites rendering

    Hello, I need help with a problem with rendering swf vector sprites. It happens when a rotation and/or resizing is applied. In a screenshot below you can see clearly visible thin black lines going through the diagonals of some of the squares. Source swf image does not containt these lines of...