1. E

    Android How to properly handle large amount of sprites for Android?

    Hello, So I am working on an Android game on GMS2, and the volume of sprites I am going to use is pretty large (> 100MB). I know how texture pages work, and how to optimize them to avoid too many swaps. However, considering that Google Play limits application file size (to about 50 or 100MB...
  2. Coded Games

    Optimizing Texture Pages for a Card Game

    So one of the biggest questions I have in my game is about how I should optimize my texture pages. Each card in the game has a 600x600 px piece of artwork. As of now, I have just been throwing all of them into a texture group and calling it good enough. My texture page sizes are 4096x4096 so...
  3. zendraw

    Graphics Q:Texture pages

    So im not sure if this is teh right part of the forum, its not a programming question so this one seemd most logical. the Q. when is it best to use a larger texture page? like i usually go with the default, but recently ive been dealing with more graphics and i get alot of texture pages and...