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  1. GamingEngineer

    Windows Banned Memories: Yamanashi

    Hey there everyone, Let me introduce you to my unfinished game Banned Memories: Yamanashi. Banned Memories: Yamanashi is a throwback to late 90s survival horror. It is a classic third person survival horror game, complete with fixed camera angles, pixelated 32-bit graphics, low-poly models...
  2. L

     Land of Echoes - a turn based post-apocalyptic survival game

    Hi, all! I`m a developer of Land of Echoes and as big fan of post-apocalyptic theme eventually I decided to make it more complex and immersive and added a bunch of new features. The video shows you what is done so far to give you the maximum information about my...
  3. E

    Oregon Trail type game idea

    Hey guys. Lately I've been playing some DOS games and I came across Oregon Trail, a game I used to play back in elementary school. If you haven't played Oregon Trail it's a game about making it as far across america as possible in a wagon. The players get to make executive decisions such as...
  4. rhombus

    Demo Ambience: a dungeon-crawling, weather-warping, story-driven roguelite

    Ambience is a weather-warping, dungeon-crawling rogue-lite currently in development by indie game developer Rhombus Ragmuffin. Storyline, gameplay and mechanics all revolve around the concept of "Ambience" - which manifests itself as the weather of every Environment and the personality of every...
  5. ramos

    Steam Flesh Eaters

    Flesh Eaters Flesh Eaters is retro style single player RTS zombie survival game with resource gathering and crafting. Zombies are everywhere! You must gather resources to build barricades, upgrade weapons and armour and explore the city under the siege of the dead Features: ★ Equip and...