survival game

  1. M

    How to start practicing coding for a survival, base building game?

    I hope I asked the question correctly, but I am a novice at game maker (I made a game sometime ago and stopped for awhile now I'm back at it again.). I'm still learning how to code. I was wondering if I wanted to create a based building game like (rimworld or oxygen not included (not as complex...
  2. WimpyLlama

    Platformer using advanced objects not working

    I have no idea if the title to this post is anywhere near what my problem is, but I'm trying my best. So I've been working on this one problem for a good eight hours now (according to Steam), and I decided to just throw in the towel and ask here. I'm working on a platformer survival game...
  3. A Random Creator

    Team Request Stand Alone

    What is Stand Alone? It’s a 2D, top view, zombie, survival, open world game. It is centered in a modern time (about 2025 in-game) in a post apocalyptic scenario shrouded by zombie-like creatures that plague the world brought by an alien infection. I have much more background developed for this...
  4. S

    Legacy GM AI Roaming and Fleeing

    Hello! I am making a top down survival game. I am starting to put animals into the game so the player can gather food. I have a chicken object, and I have the damage set up, along with the materials etc. Now all I need to do is make the chicken roam around. When the chicken is hit by the player...
  5. S

    Top Down Survival: Building Help

    Hello, so I’m trying to make a top down survival game. So far I have pretty much everything I need for breaking trees/rocks and collecting resources. Now comes the part where the player can build things using resources they collected. I have managed to be able to place the object, but I’m having...
  6. T

    Android Survival Road - Can you survive? (seeking feedback)

    Survival Road (Android) Seeking feedback - I haven't let anyone play it other than myself until now. The demo is pretty short and placeholders have been added for the time being. The idea behind the game was to make something really challenging but fun. Almost like a interactive story with...