1. J

    Legacy GM Optimizing Batch Calls

    Hello everyone, I am currently busy with polishing my game and have reached the moment I want to optimize my rendering Pipeline. I have looked into quiet a lot of documentation myself and have done my fair share of fixes so far. Nevertheless, I was wondering, during the progress of my game I...
  2. Murr_

    Legacy GM RPG Clouds (Overhead)

    Okay so i was trying to do myself, but i keep getting into some problems. First i'm trying to make this: clouds in the atmosphere effect, from up above. Fara & The Eye of Darkness - ZackBellGames Hyper Light Drifter - HeartMachine You see those clouds scrolling horizontally across the...
  3. P

    Legacy GM Why are surfaces volatile?

    I understand that in Gamemaker, you must check that a surfaces exists before drawing it because if you minimize the window or something, it could be wiped from vram; but why? For a while now I've been working with SFML and SDL2 (Both of which use OpenGL (No, I did not use SDL2 software...
  4. B

    Legacy GM Nested surfaces VS default draw

    Hello, i'm new to the forum. I'm working in a tree-like based draw sequence, which has various groups calling the draw event of contaied items. (a Group can contain both an item or another Group). My question is: what does perform better? Having each item draw in its Surface, and having groups...
  5. AllCrimes

    Load surface from a file

    I have a game where you visit various levels, and a fog of war obscures areas of these levels that you have not yet visited. When you leave a level, and come back, I would like for the old surface to be loaded. The trick is, there are many, many, levels and so I am concerned about just keeping...
  6. G

    Legacy GM Issue with Tutorial On Shaders

    I went through the Surface tutorial part 1 that you can download for GM: Studio, and I copied over all the code from the tutorial, but there aren't any darkness effects. The light system works fine, but there isn't any darkness drawn. Is anyone else having this issue?
  7. MrDave

    Masking in GameMaker with surfaces

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio Target Platform: All (including HTML5) Download: Links: Summary: A guide on how to use surfaces to do masking in GameMaker. This allows you to erase parts of the image so...
  8. Nocturne

    Asset - Scripts Aura - Fast Surface Based 2D Lighting

    Buy For $5.99 here: Downloadable Demo Here: Aura is a lightweight, easy to set up lighting engine for your 2D games. It's main feature is that it is simple to use and is a no-fuss solution to the problem of creating basic lights and shadows in...