1. Stonesword games

    GMS 2 Destructible terrain keeps shrinking

    My destructible terrain keeps shrinking to 1/4 its size and goes to the bottom left of where it was originally. Note: I'm a novice and got this code from a tutorial :D Heres the code Create event: HIT = false damage_x = 0; damage_y = 0; Leftclick event: var _mx = mouse_x - x; var _my =...
  2. kingsushi001

    GMS 2 [Solved] Problem with surface_getpixel(surface_id, x, y)

    Hi everyone So I'm trying to create a simple colour picker. I'm using surface_getpixel(surface_id, x, y) to get the pixel colour in the hue strip. This is my code: col = surface_getpixel(application_surface,x,y); And this is my error: ___________________________________________...
  3. Sozidar

    GMS 2 How to draw particles not affected by the surfaces above them?

    I know its possible to just draw particle system above the lighting surfaces, but I really need to preserve depth order. Here's a screenshot of current situation: Particles on hand and sword are too dim, but the depth is ok. And here's how they look when being drawn above everything: Bright and...
  4. MIchael PS

    Legacy GM Surface depth

    So hello, I want to draw a surface under certain objects. I tried changing the depth of the object that draws the surface, but it doesn't work... Any suggestions? Thanks a lot!
  5. Juju

    Free Image Manipulaton With Textured Circles

    Source: Quick example that shows off how to make textured circles, as well as a "ping pong" method to use two surfaces to stack effects on top of each other.
  6. CoconutBun

    GMS 2 Seamlessly Looping Rooms by using Views and Surfaces?

    I've been trying to get a seamlessly looping room working in game maker studio 2. If you ever played Yume Nikki or used RPG Maker its kinda like the room looping in that. I'm a little new to using multiple views and haven't used surfaces before so I'm running into some trouble. My current plan...
  7. Zack

    GMS 2 Sprite-Based Level Generation (video [15:00] + text versions)

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2 Target Platform: All Download: Links: Video Link Summary: You may know how to design levels in the YoYo Games’ GameMaker Studio Room Editor. But, what about in its Sprite Editor? This Step Event tutorial will show you an artsy, unconventional...
  8. FlashyAlpaca

    Game Mechanics Drawing Layer to Surface Smaller than Room Size

    Ok, so here's the rundown: I'm trying to draw only the currently visible part of a tile layer to a surface. This is because I'm implementing a system in the game where a Wall tile section will fade out when the player is over top of it, giving a simulated depth to the layer. I've managed to do...
  9. S


    Hello, I'm my past free time I have been making a game using Gamemaker Studio 1 and I would like to add an pause function. Because of the fact that I have a lot of different objects which are all inherently different I have searched for an easy solution where I do not have to add a lot of code...
  10. P

    GMS 2 (SOLVED) Weird Graphical Issue Around Surface Edges

    Hello all, I'm using surfaces to apply shaders in localised areas. Everything is working and great now, except I have this issue that I cannot figure out and google hasn't helped. Along the edges of the surfaces, it seems to show pixels from another area of the screen. For example, in the...
  11. D

    Help with Surfaces

    Hey guys, I'm an experience gm user since 6.1, and haven't touched gm in a few years. i having some dramas with surfaces. what I'm attempting to achieve is use a 'bloom' sprite to light up another sprite on the surface, and crop it so that it just leaves the 'bloomed' part of the image, which...
  12. Pyxus

    GMS 2 Text drawing to surface weirdly

    I'm experimenting with drawing text to surfaces for the sake of optimization, but the text drawn to my surfaces appear weird. The characters are very thin with some letters even appearing to be missing small segments. I am drawing the text using a for loop; I've also noticed that looping the...
  13. J

    Edit sprite’s alpha per-camera view?

    Hi all, I’m making my first split-screen couch multiplayer game; I’m currently looking to have some trees which obscure the players’ visions of characters go transparent *only* for the relevant pkayer’s camera. So, for example: Player 1 views the game through a viewport that takes up the top...
  14. WinuX

    GMS 2 Lightning System doesn't work since runtime 2.2.x

    Hello everyone My lightning system seems to stop working when I'm above runtime 2.1.5. ///////////////////// CREATE /////////////////// lightsurface = noone; darknesscol[0] = c_black; darknesscol[1] = c_black; darknesscol[2] = c_black; darknesscol[3] = c_black; ///////////////////// STEP...
  15. L

    GMS 2 possible to draw game on two monitors?

    Hello. I have two monitors, and I want to draw my game to both of them, but I want to control which elements show up on monitor 1 or 2. so for example, i want all the hud elements to be on monitor 1, and the actual game on monitor 2. I know how to use surfaces. but I don't know if im...
  16. L

    GML drawing live video to surface? ( need help from CS wizards )

    Hello everybody im currently working on a project and want to know if it is somehow possible to write some kind of dll that will allow gms2 to receive some kind of video input as a surface. perhaps im too ignorant about this subject and im asking something next to impossible. my current...
  17. kamiyasi

    Legacy GM How to clear a surface stored in an array?

    Hi there. I'm using a 1D array to store the surfaces in my game, like this. var i; for (i=0; i<4; i++) { characterSurface = surface_create(640,1080); } It works fine when I draw to them and draw the surfaces to the scene in game, however, when I try to clear the surfaces in the room_end...
  18. P

    Question - Code Mask Backgrounds - showing through a mask the background behind

    Hello, I've being trying to create a way to make a certain area of my level to show the background bellow. At the moment I have two layer of background, one with color (behind) and one without (front). my objective is to create a mask on the front background so i could see the behind background...
  19. Coded Games

    GMS 2 Surfaces not being recreated after freed.

    So in my game, cards are made from two surfaces. A front surface which contains the card text, art, etc and a second back surface which just draws the black background of the card. Sometimes these surfaces need to be changed, for example when a card is fused, so I free both surfaces and...
  20. jujubs

    Confused by surfaces and shaders

    So I'm making a game designed to look like it (kinda) runs on the Game Boy. So far, I was making it in black, white, dark grey and light grey, but I tried a shader to turn those colors into shades of green and it looked amazing (or, at least, people I've showed it to seem to think so). The...