1. R

    [SOLVED]Draw surface to all views

    Hi everybody, im using Gamemaker Studio 2. I was just wondering: i wanted to make some "fake" light effects by creating a surface and subtracting the light sprites from it so it kind of creates a light effect. Everything is actually working fine until i wanted my game to be splitscreen. Now...
  2. V

    Legacy GM Delete a piece of an image

    Hi everyone! I'm making a game who i need to open an entrence in a circle (like the image bellow): I don't know how i make this with code. I think "surfaces" is the solution, but i don't know how make this. I've got an engine of "terrain destruction", but its only works in full black images...
  3. A

    Legacy GM Surface scaled incorrectly on Android

    I have been working on a world map system that is based on drawing all the tiles in the room to a single surface, then drawing the surface. For some reason on Android the surface seems to be scaled wrong, but only the xscale. When I run the game on windows it works perfectly fine. I can't seem...
  4. Kaliam

    GMS 2 How to properly use view_surface_id?

    Hello, I'm just looking for any information, tips or tricks when using view_surface_id. I've gone through the documentation but can't seem to get any result other than a black screen. What I am trying to do with this function and what the documentation seems to imply you can do is draw sprites...
  5. Z

    Android Falling FPS when i am using surfase

    Hi all! Stable in the game 29-30 fps, but when I draw the surface - fps drops to 12-13. Here's how to draw fps in DRAW (without extra code): if (surface_exists(SURF)) { surface_set_target(SURF); draw_clear_alpha(make_color_rgb(77, 77, 77), 1); surface_reset_target(); with (OBJ)...
  6. M

    Lights with no lag

    Is there anyway to make a light system without using surfaces? the lights i want to make should not move, they are supposed to be used in kind of "torches" without moving, i already searched for tutorials but all of them is how to make lights using surfaces and placing them with the mouse. All...
  7. 6

    Basic surface (HELP)

    Hello Everyone! So, i'm making a 2 player tank game and it's pretty much complete. There are only minor improvements left to be done and this is one of them. I would like to add tracks as my tank going on the map. I know the most efficient way to do it is by surfaces but i never worked with...
  8. NicoFIDI

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Weird efect on the surfaces

    I see that GMS 2 manages the surface in a different way that GMS 1. But it seems like the surface now it's not cleared, even after I set it free... There's something I'm missing? I'll post the draw code because maybe I'm missing something.
  9. W

    Legacy GM sprite_create_from_surface: performance when creating a lot of sprites with this function

    Is it good idea to be using sprite_create_from_surface to generate lots of sprites at room start? Here's how I'm using it more specifically: In the room editor, wall objects are placed in a 16x16 grid. At room start the walls are combined so they make larger rectangles (for the sake of...
  10. jf_knight

    Legacy GM Only one shader appearing

    I'm trying to use two shaders on the applications surface. My problem is that only one of them, "sh_saturation_new", appears to be working. What can I do to make them both work? Here is what I have on a "Draw GUI END"; shader_set(shader2); surface_set_target(application_surface); //Set the...
  11. A

    GML [SOLVED] Sprite to Buffer Unexpected Values

    Hey I am trying to load a sprite into a buffer (via drawing it to a surface) and am not getting the values I expect. When I try it with a 3x3 sprite with all blue pixels and print the values, I get this for my pixel values: 0 0 255 0 0 0 255 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 255 0 0 0 255 0...
  12. G

    GMS 2 How to get the color of EACH pixels from a surface(and not shut my programm down)?

    I am making a prototype that works similar to Splatoon. For anyone who doesnt familiar with the gameplay, here is a youtube link: I am making a 2d top down version of this gameplay. I use surface to draw permanent oil paint like color to and the goal of this game is to try cover the whole map...
  13. jf_knight

    Shaders Using two shaders at once

    Anybody know where I can find a tutorial on using multiple "whole-screen" shaders? (As in, stacked on one another) I know that surfaces are involved but I just don't know where to begin. I'm trying to combine a hue shader and a brightness shader so they can both be used at once...
  14. Nathan Laing

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Draw to surface in STEP event or DRAW event?

    Greetings, Is it best to draw to a surface in the step event, and then draw that surface to the screen in the draw event? or Is it better to draw to a surface in the draw event, and then draw that surface to the screen in the draw event? Cheers, Nathan
  15. G

    GMS 2 How to make surface based light/shadow system work in split screen multiplay game?

    Hi, I have been using GMS for few months and every time I have questions people here generously helped me. Thank all of you guys. Now I am working on a local split screen stealth game that need line of sight shadow system ---- sort of like Monaco, but a PVP basis, meaning players are not...
  16. B

    Print out stuffs in .ini files?

    Hi guys, I got a few problems on printing out .ini files. In obj_main, I did a few things In Create event, I have ///Set variables and Data tracking image_speed = 0; image_index = 0; process = -1; myDialog = -1; ini_open("index.ini"); ini_write_real("Data tracking","Data",0); =...
  17. S

    Help with "surface_get_pixel_ext"

    Hey gang, Longtime Game maker guy here, getting back into it and starting a serious project. I don't "fully" understand shaders and surfaces, and that's leading to a problem with "surface_get_pixel_ext". Currently, I use this to (attempt) to find the alpha of the pixel at this point (where the...
  18. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 set existing compiled sprite as surface

    does anybody know if its possible to draw on a surface and save it to a existing sprite on the texture page at runtime?
  19. G

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] change color of tiles like tile_set_blend()

    in my project i have a piece of code that relys on obsolete compat functions when imported into GMS2 var tile = tile_layer_find(1000000, x, y); if(tile != -1 && tile_get_blend(tile) != -1) { tile_set_blend(tile, blood_type); } this is called when a creature is bleeding, and all it is...
  20. Felipe Rybakovas

    Legacy GM Camera is not Zooming out after lightning surface

    Hi Folks, I´m working with a isometric ARPG and in this game we have a local coop for 2 players. I´ve got the camera zooming out when a player get away from the other, but since I implemented a Lightning system the zoom out is not working anymore. I know that maybe is something related to to...