1. Edwin

    Custom room speed for specific surfaces?

    Hello, dear GameMakers! I am looking for something like custom room speed for example for GUI layer (Draw GUI surface). I am making a visualization and I need to make a increasing the speed of this simulation and don't changing the room speed for other surfaces. Any ideas?
  2. B

    GML Problem with drawing layers in the "Draw End" event

    Hi ! The problem i have is that drawing the application surface or any surface for that matter in the Draw End event results in just a black screen. Everything that is drawn in the Draw GUI event still shows up though. Drawing regular sprites in Draw End works fine too. I just use this...
  3. D

    Android Unusual problem when drawing on a surface

    So I was testing a way of making a floor for my game that uses a For statement in a created surface. It's basically for making lots of tiles and then making a fade effect on all of them at the same time, something like this: The size of the room is 2560x1440 and the important part of the code...
  4. NeZvers

    GML Draw surface without player in it

    I want to make room transition similar to (Bloodstained: Curse of the moon and old Megaman games) by having old room last image and move the camera to new and move character over. For that, I need a separate background image from the character. How can I do it?
  5. O

    Legacy GM Problem with drawing on a surface.

    I'm trying to experiment with a shroud (fog of war) on my tilemap. I loop through the tiles and if it's empty I mark it in the ds_grid as TRUE (same goes for filled tiles adjacent to empty tiles). And then I paint all the FALSE points with black. The tiles are randomly generated and at the...
  6. SubWolf

    GML [SOLVED] Clicking on a Surface but clicks behind it

    Hello everyone! I'm with this problem... I created a Surface in the "Draw GUI" of an object like this: // Surface "Breaking Geode" var surf = surface_create(guiW, guiH); surface_set_target(surf); // here is the code drawing the interface within the surface // Drawing the Surface "Breaking...
  7. D

    Legacy GM stretching a sprite created from surface

    im using sprite_create_from_surface(); the sprite on surface is 32x32, but I need to create it at 96x96. how can I do this. im not drawing the sprite so I cant just draw it stretched and im not assigning it to an object so I don't think image x/y scale will work. Ive dug through the manual and...
  8. N

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Alpha problem with surface for a pause system

    Hello, hello, I had a pause system with the screenshot stuff drawing on the screen but it seems the surface system can have a better result for my game. Right now, I managed to create a new surface where I copy/paste the application surface on it when I pause the game but there is a problem...
  9. T

    Bad performance using surfaces

    Please, can anyone tell me, maybe I use surfaces the wrong way?Hey, everyone! Can anyone help me? :D I create surfaces like in code below. surface_set_target(application_surface); //Draw blood of wounds, fullscreen animation of glitches etc. surface_reset_target(); //If don't need to use...
  10. T

    Painting on a surface permanently

    I want to make a game where you do a paint splash on the game level like a canvas. I want the paint to stay there forever (until you leave the room). I'm super new at surfaces, when I do a particle create and set the target surface, it still does the particle life and goes away. I want to do it...
  11. Haow

    Legacy GM Shader+Surfaces: Please help!

    Dear Community, I am in need of desperate help with my project, I have been stuck on this for 2 months or longer!!! Yes, I have been studying, searching, more searching, and a bit more searching for an answer on google or anything else I could get my hands on. I have a zoom effect shader, it...
  12. D

    Legacy GM help figuring out buffer save/load system

    im creating a buffer save/load system that saves sprites and variables to a single external file. below is what I have sofar. its just doing variables and it works but how do I handle sprites? I understand I have to draw sprites to a surface and use buffer_get_surface and buffer_set_surface...
  13. alexde5th

    Legacy GM Surface leak error [solved]

    Figured out the issue: There was an improper balance of alpha drawing. For the longest time, the basic surface I've been drawing too worked without a hitch. Then suddenly, after I changed some completely unrelated code to the surface code, it breaks. It only properly displays when a specific...
  14. Haow

    Legacy GM How to set a surface to a view?

    I have a shader and I want it to affect the view only but since its also set to a surface it affects the whole room, so how or what code makes the surface affect the view only? Thanks for all your help! :)
  15. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 "Unbalanced surface stack" Error? [Solved]

    Just updated GMS2 with the new installer. Ran project to ensure everything worked and I got this error: "ERROR!!! :: Unbalanced surface stack. you are trying to pop a surface that has not been set." Cleaned the project and still got the same result. I didn't change anything before updating...
  16. G

    GMS 2 Resolution of a Surface

    Hi! I was following the friendly cosmonauts tutorial on shadows when I noticed that the resolution was really low for the shadow surface. Here's the video I was wondering if there is a way to set the resolution of a surface so the shadows don't end up so pixely. (I have the surface only...
  17. A

    GML Saving room as image

    So I would like to save my room as an image in order to draw over it, but I can't figure out how to do this. All I could find was you could do it using surfaces. My current code is like this: surf = surface_create(12800,720) //12800 room width, 720 room height if...
  18. Pfap

    buffer surface functions

    I did some searches in the Gamemaker Community and it sounds like these functions were iffy in Gms1 and that it might be the user's system causing problems. Create event: buff = buffer_create(1024, buffer_grow, 1); opp_surf = -1; //will write to buffer here alarm[0] = 60; //the main...
  19. Furkan Karabudak

    GMS 2 When I change the window size, I see "surface isn't found" error, or surface resets

    I'm working on a drawing program. If I create a surface in create event then I get an error about "surface not found" when I resize the window. If I create the surface in draw event, when I resize the window the surface is automatically aligned to that size and I am not getting an error, but the...
  20. D

    Windows [SOLVED] Surface moves with camera?

    I took a small break from working on my game when I did some traveling over the summer, and when I opened it for the first time in a month, the surface I'm using to draw lighting on is semi-broken. When the room starts, everything is in the correct place, but when I start walking to the right...