surface help.

  1. A

    SOLVED surfaces not working

    Hi! so i wanted to mess around with surfaces for an UI and it dint work it dint draw the surfaces i tried following a tutorial that worked right before but now it just doenst work it doesnt draw the surface please help. CODE: if surface_exists(surf){ surface_set_target(surf)...
  2. White_tea

    GMS 2.3+ Surface draw error, working as intended so can I ignore?

    So basically I'm trying to make a surface draw a view when the player is near the top / bottom of the level, making it look seamless (kind of). This pic might explain better, I've drawn the surface in grey : The code I wrote seems to do the job but I'm getting the error message : " Trying to...
  3. Mitchell H

    Help with Light and surfaces.

    I was wondering if there is a way to put a object on a surface layer. I made a light system and I cant seem to make the object blocking the light to go above the suface layer the light is on. I know the surface layer is drawn over the room. Make a gui go over the surface but I cant make it...