1. O

    Mac OSX Game won't build (GMS2 Mac)

    I have a completed game ready to be build and uploaded but Gamemaker won't build it. I went through Apple's convoluted developer thing and got my Team Identifier so I don't think it's that. I'd really appreciate help with this!!
  2. Y

    GMS 2.3+ LibGit2Sharp Exception when trying to make Variable Definition for Object

    I keep getting this error whenever I type one letter when trying to create a new variable for an object. New to GameMaker Studio so any ideas?
  3. KyleRansford

    SOLVED Getting a 404 Page When Trying to Sign in on the Help Section

    Hello, I don't know what is going on, but when I try to sign in on the Help section at: it goes to a 404 page. I've been trying to sign in to see if it would show the open support tickets I have. It's done this before, but I never got around to asking about...
  4. DevilKap

    GMS 2.3+ All of my sprites became hidden in the asset browser.

    I had a bunch of sprites in my asset browser, but now the sprite folder shows up as empty. The sprites are still "in" the game, and show up when I run it. As seen here: Another reason I know for a FACT that the sprites are still somewhere in the game is that when i create a new sprite, it...
  5. DevilKap

    SOLVED My animations are jumping frames and when I "fix" it, it crashes the game.

    I have an 8-directional animation system for my RPG, when I set the frames of the animation like this: It works fine, but jumps/skips frames. However, when I set it up like this: It doesn't skip frames, but it crashes the game when I walk to the right (and only to the right) for an extended...
  6. DevilKap

    SOLVED The Game I'm making isn't successfully launching?

    When i press the "play" button on the UI, it compiles the game (at least I think it does) and then it just stops? Output Below:
  7. L


  8. kureoni

    Windows GMS2 2.2.5 just won't open

    I double click on the icon to open it, it shows up on the processes tab on the task manager but after a while the process desappear . I tried to reinstall, desable the firewall, antivirus, but nothing works, I downloaded an obsolete version of it (2.2.2) and it does open, but I can't use it...
  9. Kori

    Steam problem in sprites's collision mask (tech problem in the engine)

    I really need help. I have a problem with the collision mask in automatic mode, it is simply 1x1 pixel, regardless of the shape, I tried to reset preferences, reinstall gamemaker, uninstall clean, and nothing ... I will put a picture of how this. I don't remember doing anything wrong, I just did...
  10. L

    Windows Stuck at building - (F5)

    Hello im new with this software and making games in general. My experience is with RPG Maker and there building a game was easy and fast. As context im following the "make your first game" tutorial Here is what happens: As i press F5 building starts. I have tried several times, each time never...
  11. A

    Windows Écran noir (aidez-moi!) Black Screen (help me !)

    Bonjour, depuis quelque jour j'ai créer un nouveau projet comprenant : 1 sprite, 1 objet(gazon qui a aucun code) et une seul room la "room0". Quand je lance mon jeu je n'ai que la couleur choisi du background, les sprites (instances) il ne veulent pas s'afficher j'ai vérifier si l'objet étais...
  12. Dwighty4000

    Steam How to run and connect your game with Steam?

    should I export my game as setup or as zip. if I want to upload it on Steam? And how do my Game connect with the steam function's? how should steam know if the Player should got know a archievment ? I know about the code command: "steam_get_achievement". But how should this commandline connect...
  13. Dwighty4000

    Discussion Need my selfmade Game GMS credits?

    I plan to release a game on Steam that I programmed with Gamemaker Studio 2. Do I have to specify credit that this game was made with GameMamer Studio? And if so, where?
  14. FrostyCat

    Android Automated script for installing SDK dependencies (GMS 2.2.3 Windows)

    Automated script for installing SDK dependencies (GMS 2.2.3 Windows) There has been an uptick in SDK-related questions following the removal of Android Support Repository in Android Studio's SDK manager UI. In response, I have written an automated solution that attempts to resolve this. Main...
  15. pipebkOT

     Please Fix the facebook extension tutorial document I'm not an expert in coding so correct me if i'm wrong , but i don't think that that's how ds_list_create works problem 1 it gives a wrong number of arguments for function ds_list_create...
  16. O

    Windows What kind of support will you get when buying GM 2?

    I mean like do you get priority support with email?
  17. M

    Windows Black Screen on Launching Game

    I've been trying to get used to GMS 2 after using GMS 1 for a while, and every time I try to test the objects I've made and run the game, all I get is a black screen. I've created the room, applied the sprite to the object, placed the object in the room and layered it accordingly. But no matter...
  18. C

    Question - Code [SOLVED} Buffer / Surface confusion

    Not sure whether I should post here or whether Tech Support would be a better bet, but when I minimise a running project that only creates a buffer in memory when: if(!surface_exists(global.LevelSurface) ) indicates that the buffer has not been created yet. If I minimise and then restore the...
  19. N

    Sprites being distorted (Not using scaling)

    I have been working on a project in gamemaker studio professional 1.4.9999 and today I ran into a problem that is really ruining my day. I am currently working on creating character sprites and after adding my latest sprite I noticed that gamemaker is distorting the sprite during it's animation...
  20. I

    GMS 2 How to use a TextBox Enging/Engines in general?

    Hey, I'm super new to game maker and I found a textbox engine ( | Textboxy) that I want to use for my game. I have no Idea how to use it in my project though. Do I have to drag all the files into my project somehow?