super smash bros

  1. R

    I am looking to hire a programmer.

    I need to hire a programmer who can create an engine for me, based on Super Smash Land: (Link to test the game and understand the concept) It would not be to replicate a complex system like that of an official smash bros, but it would be played with 2 buttons...
  2. T

    Team Request Help with my smash bros game

    Hey guys this is TMC55, I'm looking for help for my smash bros game. I'm currently in a 3 man team but I'm not able to contact them, I haven't spoken to them for about a year now and the game is at a standstill. I'm currently working on the game in Game Maker Studio. I have 6 characters planned...
  3. IngoLingo

    Demo Kolosse - A monster collecting fighter

    It's like Pokemon mixed with Super Smash Bros and Street Fighter, with a pinch of Undertale. This is a project that I have been working on for the past few months. Using Game Maker: Studio 1.4. I already have most of the mechanics finished or created a...
  4. M

    Super Smash Bros Kaboom Development Help

    I am making a SSB fan game and would like it to take off more. I need more developers than just me. I need some one who can deal with all the fighters' sprite origins and bounding boxes to make the characters play smoothly. Here's the link to the editable file so you can look through the code...
  5. M

    SSBK Trouble please hell

    I am making a fan game called Super Smash Bros Kaboom on Gamejolt. A lot of the characters have a glitch when the characters' walk/run sprites are showing their jumping animation. I later found that it was because of the sprite origins. I got some characters to show their walking animation as...