1. flyinian

    Development How do YOU decide if a game you're working on is to ambitious for you and a discontinuation of your game needs to be done?

    Pretty much what the title says and, I've been working on my game for a good while now. Roughly the beginning of 2020 on and off. I'm sure I've stuck in a few hundred hours or more into it by now. I've been trying to get a playable version of the game released since the end of 2020 and have...
  2. flyinian

    (SOLVED)Looking for ideas, suggestions and so forth on how I should manage my persistent code.

    In my current project I have to keep track of numerous changing numbers. i.e cash, statistics, etc. I am currently planning on placing all of this code in a single object and making it persistent. Would this be a good idea? What do you recommend? Thanks.
  3. Adam Mansour

    Games like Tomba?

    I thought this was a great style for a game type. Its not exactly an RPG but definetly a jump'n'run.. The way missions get solved was never executed the same way in other games. I think thats a great way though.. I really do recommend getting an emulator for PSone and try it yourself. Also I...
  4. S

    GML Jumping into Corner Causes Game to Freeze

    This is my first time posting on the Gamemaker Forums. I'm working on a platformer game, and when the player jumps into a corner at some specific angles, it causes the game to freeze. This problem has only started to occur when I added jumping rotation in. I am very new to Gamemaker and I am...
  5. A

    How can I improve this scene?

    Hey! Im making a dungeon crawler themed with some dark creepy non-demonic atmosphere, and in a certain level there is a change the player comes across this room. Its an entrance to an extra part of the dungeon called the Webbed Caverns. Basically its a spider cave, and therefor the theme is a...
  6. T

    Audio effects suggestion!

    It doesn't seem like audio is even considered in future updates other than small things like generators and sample editors. I noticed that many game engines have more complex audio mixers that allow adding effects like EQ, LowPass, HighPass, Chorus, Reverb, etc. All of that is supported by...
  7. C

    Windows In the Mind (Does it sound good?)

    So I've been working on In the Mind for about two months now (planning, story, game play, etc.) and I've been wondering if it sounds appealing. Here's the general story for Part 1 - Fear. (Fives Parts by the way, Fear, Scared, Confusion, Sadness, Anger). School is rough, even on my birthday...I...
  8. P

    Discussion Code folding and selecting all frames in image editor

    [SUGGESTION #1 - Code folding/wrapping] I have googled code folding in GMS2 before and so far i have only found regions. I started using regions and they are nice, but when i heard of code wrapping/folding in GMS2 from a friend i thought it finally had what Notepad++ has which is folding of each...
  9. T

     [suggestion] option in preferences for Ctrl+Tab to default to workspaces

    Hey gang -- I love GMS2 and this is an incredibly minor issue. It's not even an issue, just something I thought of today that might save a few folks some time. From an outsider's perspective, it seems like it would be pretty simple to implement, but who knows. I would love an option in...
  10. Shadowblitz16

     8 Ideas on how to improve the debugger

    Idea: make data structures use hash id instead of integer id. Reason: this makes it so data structures don't get misinterpreted as reals and reals don't get misinterpreted as data structures. Idea: make hash data special for the type of data structure it is. Reason: this makes it so that data...
  11. SweetCelestia

    Question - IDE [Suggestion] Add block comments for rooms

    Hello, to day i have a little suggestion for GMS 2 IDE. How often you have some objects that's controls, if you have several groups of them, this is good suggestion for you! So, how about add comment blocks in rooms like in UE4 in blueprints? Thx for your time!
  12. D

     [Suggestion] Auto-generate tiles for the Auto-Tiling tool.

    Hello! The new built-in auto-tiling tool is amazing, but is there some built-in auto-generator of the 47 and 16 tiles needed for auto-tiling? That would be quite useful. For example, for generating those 47 tiles I think you only need 5 of them: The idea is that the user provides those 5...
  13. R

    HTML5 SUGGESTION - Enable context menu in HTML5

    Hi! Recently, I need to open the Inspector in HTML5 to analyze my game, but the context menu is disabled by the game's JS file. You need to find document.body.oncontextmenu=function(){return !1} in the game's JS file and replace it by anything other (like a simple /*NULL*/ ) to enable the...
  14. Alice

    The GMC Jam Suggestions Topic

    This thread will be used from gathering general feedback and suggestions related to GMC Jam, to make it even better. To keep things organised, this thread might go through various phases, such as: general discussion (people discuss and post various suggestions freely) suggestions debate...
  15. H

    Discussion Access to Sprite layers?

    This is just a random thing I thought of when messing with 2.x. I thought it would be cool to be able to access layers of sprites to do things like change the alpha or toggling visibility completely. Is there some things under the hood that are happening that makes this not possible? I just...
  16. D

     General IDE and workflow improvements

    Hello! I'm programming our next commercial medium size project using GMS 2 Desktop version and, after working for a while, I would like to make some suggestions that could improve the IDE and general workflow...
  17. D

     Where can we send suggestions for GMS 2 IDE improvements?

    Hello! After paying and using GMS 2 Desktop for a while in our current project, I'm facing some IDE issues that are slowing down my workflow (compared to GMS 1.x), so I would like to suggest some ideas directly to YoYo Games developers. I wouldn't want my suggestions to fall in limbo. Is there...
  18. Ayziak

    Question - IDE My list for Studio 2, curious to get all of your opinions as well..

    Aight, so I recently bought GMS2, and for the most part, I love it, but I've been having a few issues. I'd love to get some of them at least addressed. Image Editor -the copy-paste brush feature is almost unusable, it would be useful if it was more like GMS1.4. (I could see situations where...
  19. psyke

    Question - IDE Show in Resource Tree (Suggestion)

    Hi everyone, I was working on my project then I realized that I the IDE is missing something very important, I don't know if it's already available in the GMS 2 (I didn't find it), but how about a button that shows the resource in the Resource Tree? Like this: By clicking on the magnifying...
  20. H

    Discussion Can we get DS_mark_as_*?

    There are these following functions existing already ds_map_add_list ds_map_add_map ds_map_replace_list ds_map_replace_map ds_list_mark_as_map ds_list_mark_as_list I get that these are really only supposed to be used for JSON (or at least that's what the documentation seems to imply). But I...