1. andev

    Imagine if the create event could take arguments

    Perhaps this is the wrong place for this but I would love to start a discussion, even if it never gets implemented. But yeah, imagine if you could do instance_create(obj, arg0, arg1) etc. And then the create event could look like: x = argument0; y = argument1; Or even if the arguments started...
  2. EvanSki

    An simple idea that would benefit new users and the forum

    I've been a member of the forum for almost 3 years now, I've posted many topics, guides (well one thats about Pm memes) but sometimes I have a topic of discussion and just really dont know a good place for it! So I had an idea that im suggesting, now that @Nocturne is doing site improvements...
  3. Shadowblitz16

    Question - IDE what would you guys think of custom autotiles?

    what would you guys think of custom auto tiles? basically there would be a 3x3 and 2x2 auto tile mode in which every single tile has a 3x3 or 2x2 value grid of 3 possible values. 0 would mean i don't care what is adjacent to me, 1 would mean you must have a adjacent tile for the tile to show, 2...
  4. gojirra

    YoYo, please allow us to contribute to the documentation.

    The documentation is often lacking small details. It would be nice if each page had a publicly visible ticket system where approved users could submit issues for things to be fixed or added.
  5. HayManMarc

     Suggestion: Instance Creation Order

    In the room editor, you can open up a window that shows you the room's Instance Creation Order. It lists the order of all the objects you've plopped down into the room, ordered from top to bottom. You can manipulate that order by clicking and dragging an item and placing it at a different...
  6. Sam04

     Bracket pair colorizer.

    Hello, I recently found this and I thought it would be a great addition by just allowing the option to exist. Currently, you can select the color for each element in your text editor, but this means different color for what would be the same elements.
  7. JamesC01

    Discussion Suggestion: Release major pre-1.4 gamemaker versions for people who have bought GMS2

    I think it would be cool to provide the downloads for all of the old gamemaker versions. And it's really nice to be able to look back on. I hate to see software get forgotten.
  8. pipebkOT

     (Suggestion) revamp local push notifications, android

    I think yoyogames should revamp the local push notification funtions, making the notifications more customizables, having the option to use a custom dedicated notification icon instead of using the default app icon, having the option to change the color of the title and icon, having the option...
  9. N

    Question - IDE Suggestion: Cursor movement

    With many text editors, such as the one used on this forum, pressing down when there is no lines below the current one will bring the cursor to the end of the last line. In game maker it does nothing. Is there anyway to fix this?
  10. S

    Discussion Skip events on Layer (A pause feature)

    A suggestion for a new feature in Game Maker Studio 2 The ability to enable and disable (or skip over) certain events of instances in a layer. Why? Recently when researching and implementing my own pause function I noticed that its a topic many struggle with. It seem that pausing your game...
  11. matharoo

     Suggestion: Show Script/Object Descriptions in Resources Tree

    Not something I really need, but it would be kind of helpful. I'm fine if YYG doesn't want to consider this, I'm not expecting that - I just want to put this idea out there. You know how we can add @descriptions to scripts and object events? I was thinking that it could be sort of helpful if we...
  12. C

    Windows Project FoH - Advice

    So I thought of a simple little game that is still in progress but I was wondering, would people play it? Project FoH is a serious of Four Tests each one is different, Generosity, Selfishness, Friendship, and Kindness each with three different parts in it, It would show if you were Friendly...
  13. N

    Feature Suggestion

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but here it goes. I (and I am sure many others) would like to have a native support for Spriter and other 2d skeletal animation programs, not just Spine. This would give developers more flexibility in choosing which software to use for...
  14. breakmt

    Question - IDE Create groups inside parent room

    Hello. I think one function in rooms "parent-child" system is missing - creating groups inside parent room. For example, I want create parent room for all levels. Inside this parent room I want to create few groups - "home", "street", "forest" etc. Each of these groups will contain several rooms...
  15. Ariak

    Discussion [Suggestion] Tilemap_set_frame

    I was refining my delta time / time dilation scripts a while back and noticed that we cannot change the animation speed of tilemaps. There is a tilemap_get_frame but no set or update equivalent ( as opposed to e.g. particle systems). Looping the tiles manually is possible but really inelegant...
  16. W

     GUI Layer

    I'm only spit balling here but now we have layers I'd like to see the GUI event represented in the room editor. Possibly as a layer type that could have it's width, height and location set. I envision this much the way views are represented now but any instances placed on the GUI layer would be...
  17. Elevory

     Close Tabs to the Right

    Just a quick suggestion: "Close All But This" is a handy function, but I think tab management would benefit even more from "Close Tabs to the Right," a la Google Chrome. I often find myself wanting to keep three or four different tabs open at a time. Anyone else the same way?
  18. G

     Allow Disabling YYG's Advertising On Startup

    When you start GMS2, it opens with a "recent projects" list and a giant banner ad for YYG's exports (whether or not you already own them). Can anyone think of any other paid software that shows you aggressive advertising on startup? I can't. At a minimum, I should be able to turn it off. It's...
  19. S

    Question - General Can I make a suggestion / give feedback on the design of the Marketplace?

    Sorry if this isn't the place for feedback, I didn't see a category for that on the forum, and a google search just led back here. Please delete this if this shouldn't be here. I just visited the marketplace for the first time, just to see what was available, but found its layout prevented me...
  20. L

     Code editor request

    Have any one used code editor Brackets? Its a neat little editor for web development... It has a lot of functions that I would love to see in GameMaker editor, like: Multiple select/edit for text; Multiple copy/paste; Autocompletion for puting " ' ( { [ around a selected word; It closes ( )...