sub image

  1. bob97470

    GMS 2.3+ Setting image index does not display the expected sub image

    Encountering a strange issue in regards to image_index. problem is reproduceable. create new project create sprite and resize to 96x128. (resizing may not be necessary) create 29 frames and draw the numbers 0 through 28 in them. (drawing the numbers is not necessary, but helpful to see results)...
  2. jackrucel

    Legacy GM Is there a problem in have 50 sprites instead of 1 sprite with 50 sub images?

    Hi guys,I was wondering what is the consequence of having 50 sprites instead of one sprite with 50 sub images,I find that using a lot of sprites in some occasion makes the code way more readable, but what are the consequences of doing this?dos the compiler become slower?dos the game become more...
  3. jana

    [SOLVED] Change sub-image in path

    You can change the sub-image of an object that's on a path, can't you? My code doesn't seem to be working. I want to change the sub-image based on which direction the object is moving in the path --- up, down, left, right. This is in the create event: image_index = 1; image_speed = 0; This is...
  4. D

    Legacy GM Subimage Limitation?!?

    Hello everyone... I was trying to make character sprites with lots of different movements, combos, finishers and non-combat adventure animations like sitting, eating, crafting, etc. So i made a huge sprite sheet for all combat moves, and it took 310+ frames to make it. I import sprite into...
  5. A

    Animated sprite begins playing at sub_image 1-WHY?

    here the whole proj file just in case "Q" slows down room speed "R" restarts room its weird, when the sprite first plays it starts at sub image 1, skipping sub image 0 (the first one), but then when it loops it does play...