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    iOS Land Crashers

    THE STORY Welcome to Greenhill Grange! Farmer Henry Harvest needs your help like never before. Terrible creatures have invaded Henry's farm and are stealing his gold. Protect the farm and save Henry's gold from greedy aliens, hungry zombies, bloody vampires, savage werewolves, green ogres and...
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    Legacy GM Particle Persistence

    So I have a game (duh), and I've started noticing some weird behaviour with some of the particles. Sometimes, seemingly after leaving the persistent room and returning, an object's particles will appear in front of everything (it will ignore the depth set to it), and the compile log will be...
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    Legacy GM Setting Up Box2D Physics

    GM Version: Gamemaker: Studio Target Platform: All Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4HyulaY5yE7RzctT2FWV1NrTE0 Summary: This tutorial will explain how to set up the basics of a physics world. Getting started was one of the hardest steps for me, and I hope this helps ease the...