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  1. A

    Legacy GM Pokemon GO Style game

    So i wanna make a pokemon go game in game maker so i can learn a bit more about game maker but i asked a friend who has had 7+ years experience with game maker and he said i need to use some api. Im not sure what to do. I just want an explaination of how to code it like a flowchart sort of...
  2. Zefyrinus

    GameMaker Studio

    I was recommended by someone to get GameMaker Studio, because currently I have version 6.1. So I looked at http://www.yoyogames.com/get, and I'm wondering about the features that the free version doesn't have. Could someone please explain to me what the features listed on that page, and which...
  3. T

    Rotating A 3D Model?

    Heya! Simple question... How do I rotate a 3D model though the Z axis? I can't figure out how! I've tried d3d_transform_add_rotation_z, but it doesn't work. Instead, it just shifts the model along either the X or Y axis depending on the given value. Anyway, Here's the code that ISN'T working...
  4. Erayd

    The other term and collision

    I'm having some strange feedback in my game at the moment. When the player collides with an enemy an event triggers in the player that is the collision event to an enemyBase all enemies are children of. Inside of the code the player health is lowered by the enemy strength. Very simple. The...
  5. Y

    Demo God-Sent Killer: Sun Man (Prototype) [DEMO AVAILABLE!]

    "Claims by most of witnesses of the brutal and very personal murders claim that our suspect, "Sun Man", disappears in a large, blinding flash of light, as if the sun appears right behind him..." God-sent Killer: SUN MAN is a game I have been working on for a long time now. I started during...
  6. K

    Can you change font?

    I don't mean in game text, I already know of "draw_set_font()" and such. I mean Is it possible to change the font that game maker uses to display to the programmer in things such as in script editing or the "Execute a piece of code" action? (This is under the programming section because it...
  7. Erayd

    Creating floating enemies or objects

    The title says most of what I need really. I've been looking around the web for answers to this topic and I have been experimenting but time is running short and I can't quite figure out a system to accomplish a floating enemy. I'm using the physics engine of Game Maker Studio, so I can check...
  8. A

    GameMaker: Studio Theme Directory

    GameMaker: Studio Theme Directory Introduction GameMaker: Studio has the ability to load customized skin files that modify the graphics and general UI appearance of the program. This topic will serve as the GameMaker: Studio Theme Directory, where users can submit and download these skin...
  9. Erayd

    Physical Speed

    My goal right now is to make my character move at a maximum speed of say 10 or whatever. I'm using the physics engine with my objects, using physics_apply_impulse() to do my movements. Everything works great accept for the actual max speed being triggered to stop the pushing of the character...
  10. S

    Streaming videos

    Hi, Looking around I understand that Gamemaker studio does not natively support video in games. However I am working on a project that would most likely require videos to be used. Does anyone know of a way to perhaps stream videos instead of having them put in the game before it starts? (I.E...
  11. Tommah

    Steam Steam Achievements/API

    I'm trying to implement achievements in my Steam game and looked through all the documentation and found this. if !steam_get_achievement("ach_Player_Dies_Ten_Times") steam_set_achievement("ach_Player_Dies_Ten_Times"); (yes, I have changed the achievement names to fit my own) But also saw that...
  12. I

    Problem with extension.

    As mentioned in a previous post, i was looking for a way to display Arabic in game maker : studio, fortunately user Bukmand linked me to this extension in the thread, i judged by the reviews that it worked just fine, but when i imported it to my project and launched it (without doing anything...
  13. I

    Referring to subimage?

    So basically, what i want to do is to randomly change the sub image of a certain object when the game starts with one that is between "image0" and "image5". how can i do that?, what type of code would i need?.
  14. Erayd

    Android Really weird GUI distortion

    So I'm setting up buttons that render on the GUI layer in the bottom two corners of the screen. I set the GUI width and height to not exceed the black bars around the game screen. Basically the whole button is just a rendering of a sprite at a spot on the GUI layer which looks nice. Everything...
  15. I

    Good movement tutorials?

    hello, i decided i wanted to focus on learning movement scripting right now, to keep it short, i want easy to follow tutorials for : Rpg maker type of movement and collision. Super Mario / Cave story type of platformer movement and collision. i require that the tutorials be recent (not very...
  16. Erayd

    Android place_meeting not working

    I'm not new to this, so when something like this just simply isn't working, I tend to lose my patience quickly. Truthfully, I'm probably just being a complete idiot, but here's the issue: I am using place_meeting in conjunction with the device x and y position on an object to make it a button...
  17. A

    Windows Drag And Zoom

    I am using gamemaker to create a floorplan system. I have developed a large amount of it myself but I have bumped into an issue which i am unable to solve. What i am trying to do is to have the functionality of where the user can zoom into the plan and drag the plan around to see different...
  18. O

    Drag And Drop Drag and Drop to GML converter

    I teach a beginning game design course using drag and drop in GameMaker: Studio and built the following tool to convert GameMaker: Studio Drag and Drop coding into GML coding to assist them in making the transition to a more standard programming language. I'm making the tool available to the...