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  1. D

    Legacy GM Surfaces aren't being drawn at the right size

    I'm having a lot of issues with using surfaces right now. Issues I haven't encountered before. The first issue i'm having, is when I set a surface to the size of the room (10,000 x 10,000), the surface is actually set to around 1800 x 1800 (Even though surface_get_width() reports 10,000), and...
  2. Elijah Budd

    Legacy GM Studio Crash on Load-up (Error setting path: "rfPersonal")

    Hello. Thanks for clicking on my troubleshooting question instead of one of the many, many, many others. So here's my fairly uncommon issue: Every time I try to open GameMaker Studio, it crashes immediately and throws this error: I couldn't find much about this on the internet, as the only...
  3. G

    Windows Installer not showing custom finished and header BMPs

    I've recently finished my game, so I went ahead trying to customize the installer for the game. I made custom installer finished and header BMPs (for Windows), but when I create the application, and then run it, the BMPs are not shown, nothing is being shown. I've tried changing the names of...
  4. D

    Windows Memory problem when saving from surface?

    Hello, I am having a problem when saving repeteadly from a surface into a file (on Windows). Either when using save surface or when using a sprite in the middle and saving the sprite. After doing it repeatedly enough the memory consumption grows and grows, even without painting anything at all...
  5. M

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Delayed Shots and Shooting based on Faced Direction?

    I believe I have the first part of the code right, but I'm not sure what to put next. if(instance_number(OBJ_Bullet) == 0){ ; } I think there's a can_shoot function or something like that, but I'm not sure how it goes. As for shooting based on the direction you are turned, I'm not sure how...
  6. M

    Legacy GM Making preset instance creations

    Hello, all. I'm trying to make an infinite runner game. This is a little hard to explain, but the way I am attempting to do this is to have preset obstacles then create a random one in front of the player every few seconds. What would be the best way to do this? The only way I could think of...
  7. K

    GameMaker Free Edition

    A friend of mine is lamenting the fact that he didn't get the humble bundle. I am lamenting not buying 10 of them. At any rate, is it worth his while to get the free version? Considering we'd both be learning (I am currently slogging through the tutorials) and nothing more, not trying to...
  8. Dagoba

    Two Dim. Array for Item and its quality

    Hello! Once again an array problem (sigh). I am trying to create a random item like this: var item; item = choose("Apple","Banana","Carrot","Potato"); This is the simple creation for the code, but I need to create multiple objects at the same, given each of them a "quality". var rn...
  9. D

    Legacy GM Spriter Support?

    Hello, i am new here and i would ask whether Gamemaker Studio Pro supports the Programm Spriter? if they supports them, can u tell me how it works ? thx and sry for my bad english
  10. E

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Circular movement around a given point

    I wrote this to try and make an object move about a point: spd = 1 dir = point_direction(x,y,obj_tether.x,obj_tether.y)+90 xchange = cos(degtorad(dir)) ychange = sin(degtorad(dir)) x += xchange*spd y -= ychange*spd (obj_tether being the point the object should be moving around) It...
  11. amusudan

    Legacy GM 2.5D (Fake 3D) physics..

    I'm currently developing a 2.5D game and am currently implementing classes, the class I am supposed to do now has a grenade ability. now I don't want grenades to just fly like bullets but bounce around after being thrown. Is there any extension that handles this? Otherwise I think I would have...
  12. Q

    Legacy GM How do I check my license?

    So, I bought a HumbleBundle today and a GameMaker pro license was included. I've used GameMaker in the past and learned a bit of GML, I decided I'd try this out again. I've got the license on my account, but I'm not sure if I've got it on the program. How do I check?
  13. E

    Screenshot Upload to REST webserver

    Hello everyone. I've found an obstacle in my path and I have not been able to pass it. I'm working as a programmer on a mobile game (android, iOS) and I must create a subsystem to upload screenshots to the cloud. Since I'll be doing the webserver, the way I send the images is not a problem and...
  14. C

    Converting Studio project back to 8.1?

    First of all, hello! I've just joined the GameMaker forums. I've been developing in 8.1 (but I do own studio) for the last three or so years. Anyway, onto my issue, and I apologize in advance if this doesn't really count as "Tech" Support: GameMaker 8.1 contains some functions I need for a new...
  15. D

    Legacy GM Runner Fails to Open

    When I press the green button/f5, the runner never pops up. When I run debug, the runner crashes. I have not successfully run my game yet. It fails to work on an empty project as well. I am running Windows 10, 8GB RAM, with Nvidia 940MX Graphics with 2GB of VRAM. I have DirectX 12. GM:Studio...
  16. O

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Switch statement help

    Solved - Cannot use multiple conditions in a switch As proivded below, changed to an if statement: if (keyboard_check(vk_up) ||keyboard_check(ord('W'))){ if(y > 2) y -= 2; }; if (keyboard_check(vk_right) || keyboard_check(ord('D'))){ if(x < 1022) x += 2; }; if...
  17. A

    Legacy GM Using 8.0, Should I buy Studio?

    I've been using Game Maker since 8.0 came out (5-7 years?) as a hobby, just playing with mechanics and systems and whatnot. Recently I've taken Game development more seriously and I am in the early stages of making a game I plan to sell on Steam. I am extremely familiar with 8.0, and can make...
  18. Zerb Games

    Windows Trippster Studio: 0.5.5

    Download: Trippster Studio: 0.5.5 Description: A neat drawing software for drawing in a 3D space. There is some trippy effects applied to make the dots fly in, and out from a vanishing point. The dots also have some strange color properties. You can use the arrow keys to rotate around the 3D...
  19. J

    Help with creating enemy attack hitbox

    Hi, I made a simple enemy AI system using states. I'm trying to create an enemy attack hitbox for 1 frame whenever the sprite_index = spr_zombie_attack and image_index==1. I put this in the enemy step event: case zombie_state.attack: { if (!attacking) { attacking =...
  20. HAEGOE

    Android Anti-cheat with buffer?

    So I was looking for how to make an anticheat program that prevents hackers from manipulating values. Then my friend told me I can use buffers to change the value's memory location, making hackers harder to find the values they want. The problem is I never knew what that is, so I don't know how...