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  1. H

    small problem, big disperation

    hey people, so i want an enemy to move, and if it reaches a certain (collision) point it will create another enemy. The problem i have is, that i check the collision in the step event, so while the enemy is colliding its permanently spawing enemys, but i want only one enemy to spawn if it...
  2. P

    [SOLVED] Steam GameMaker : Studio not able to play Steam workshop games

    I want to playtest other people's games but my download window closes with no error message after 7 seconds. I've tried messing with the download files of the steam work shop games, and also tried deleting them and starting fresh. I've also tried my GameMaker : Studio player on a different...
  3. I

    Legacy GM Convert screen position to room position? (or something)

    EDIT : Resolved using this code thanks to user ariak : (1440x900 is my game's resolution.) // DRAW GUI with(self){ draw_text((x-view_xview)*(1440/350),(y-view_yview)*(1440/350),"TEXT") } Basically, I hate how drawing text in the normal draw event makes the text blurry as I zoom in, and...
  4. D

    Legacy GM Networking Help (not local) (Solved - use Hamachi)

    Hello, there! I'm trying to make a simple board game, and am now working on the multiplayer basics. My purpose is to have a P2P connection, having one player act as the server, the other as the client. I have successfully tested 2 things: Same computer connection with:; Same network...
  5. T

    3D (Solved) Memory leak.

    I have a memory leak in my minimap object, but I can't find it, any help would be appreciated Here is my code: /* I have all my objects visible from the map, set to a child of par_minimap. */ //CREATE EVENT FOR MINIMAP OBJECT oSurface = surface_create(400,400); //STEP EVENT FOR MINIMAP OBJECT...
  6. T

    3D Working with Zspeed?

    Hello. In my 3D game I have a fake jumping mechanic, I basically create a 2d object with a collision underneath (this object is hidden) and whenever you press space, the 2d object jumps. I have my 3d player's z axis set to match the jump objects vspeed. My problem is that I want to create a...
  7. P

    Windows Collision with movement script

    Greetings! below is the code i'm using in a script, the only issue is that I don't have an efficient method of collision that's smooth and works with what I have. /// @description scr_init_movement() /* This script will accept input from the player and move an object in the directions...
  8. J


    Hello, I am trying to implement echolocation into a game (main character is blind so you can't see anything other than the main character unless you hit the ground with a hammer) but so far can only get a circle around my main character using; if(!hammering) { firing=true...
  9. K12gamer

    Discussion I prefer DRAG and DROP...Is GMS 2 out of my league?

    I'm afraid to get Game Maker Studio 2...because I fear it may be geared towards advanced programmers who like to code. I'm more of a visual (Drag and Drop) kind of thinker. Will GMS 2 have Drag and Drop for High Score tables like GM 8 had? What about a Drag and Drop icon to easily configure a...
  10. Bladevampirek

    Open a web page from within Gm Studio?

    Hello, I am looking to open a web-page to my other games from within the game maker's game screen, not in the default browser of the user. Is this possible? If so please explain detailed how to do it. I've looked for quite a while for tutorials how to do this, but I've only found how to...
  11. D

    Help with Code - Collision

    As an assignment for class, we are creating a game using GM Studio and for a certain part I am required to figure out something with code but I'm really confused and the teacher won't help. Please if anyone can help The object of the game is to have a ball hit a goal to score and win, but it's...
  12. K12gamer

    Game causes FUZZ onscreen...

    Weird fuzz artifacts left on screen after exiting game. Sometimes they begin to pop up all over. They tend to go away if I play then exit a non GameMaker game...or restart my PC. This only happens on one of my PCs....Specs: Windows 10 Pro 32-bit (Upgraded from Windows XP) AMD Athlon II x2 240...
  13. J

    3D Help with using P3DC for rotated collisions

    I've recently been trying to used P3DC version 6.01 for 3d collisions in my Gamemaker: Studio game. However I cannot get it to detect collisions between two rotated objects properly. If anyone knows any alternatives to using P3DC or ways around this please contact me. Any help is appreciated :)
  14. R

    Is anyone not switching to GMS2?

    I have recently joined the GMS2 beta, and I honestly haven't felt a strong need to switch over. I'm not sure if I'll eventually have a change of heart, though, considering I was pretty stubborn to leave GameMaker 8. I'm just curious to see if there are any of you that plan to continue using...
  15. A

     Will GM:S2 be accredited on ym current GM:S licence?

    I know GM:S2 is still on beta but, i'm curious if i have to buy it too in the future. I just bought my licence for GM:S after all
  16. M

    Legacy GM Value subtraction?

    So I have this code here: ///Take Away Lives lives - 1 How do I properly subtract the value? Thanks a bunch, even if you just read.
  17. S

    Legacy GM Random World made of Multiple Rooms [help]

    Hello GMC I'm trying to create a random dungeon generation, that is supposed to work like this: - I have a number of rooms, that were create in the room editor, named something like rm_small, rm_long, rm_large, rm_narrow, etc... -these rooms have a certain number of doors, from one to four...
  18. M

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Endless Error Repeating?

    Whenever I open up GameMaker: Studio, this error keeps repeating. The error says, "Access violation at address 00A151E1 in module 'GameMaker-Studio.exe.' Read of address 00000004."
  19. M

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Moving Instance + Random Chance + Alarm?

    I would prefer to be taught in GML, but Drag 'n Drop is okay. So I have an object in the game I want to have make moving instances after about 3-4 seconds, and make the object random. I'm not really used to alarms or random chances. Also how would I make the game know when I have a certain...
  20. A

    Windows Keyboard and mouse click event

    Hello, Is there a way to create a keyboard and a mouse click event to execute an action? e.g CTRL + "Left Click On Mouse" takes user to a room