studio 2

  1. Posho

     I'm Going to Do it

    I am about to upgrade to GameMaker: Studio 2 along with the Android and HTML5 export modules. I have just a few questions before I do it. I have checked the official site and the forum and I haven't found anything about these. And if the answers were really there, I'm sorry, but the anxiety is...
  2. P

    Question - Code Surfaces && Lighting

    CREATE: globalvar global_lighting; global_lighting = surface_create(room_width, room_height); STEP: surface_set_target(global_lighting); draw_set_color(c_gray); draw_rectangle(0, 0, room_width, room_height, false); surface_reset_target(); DRAW: gpu_set_blendenable(true)...
  3. H

    Discussion Parent/Child Relationships in room?

    I'm back with another idea I think would be cool to have in GMS2. I'd really like to see some sort of parent/child hierarchy that you can setup in the level editors. So that when you have an object as a child to a root object, it will follow the root object's position, angle, scale, etc. Is...
  4. H

    Discussion Can we get DS_mark_as_*?

    There are these following functions existing already ds_map_add_list ds_map_add_map ds_map_replace_list ds_map_replace_map ds_list_mark_as_map ds_list_mark_as_list I get that these are really only supposed to be used for JSON (or at least that's what the documentation seems to imply). But I...
  5. Drenathor

    Question - Code Copying from the application_surface (is this a bug?)

    What I'm trying to achieve: I want to make a waterfall object which applies a shader to everything appearing under it so that tiles, assets and objects occluded (even partially) would have a distortion applied. What I'm Doing: I'm creating a new surface for the waterfall, copying the area...
  6. Drenathor

     Initial Thoughts on Studio 2

    Pros: I love the new interface! This might be the best looking IDE ever made IMHO and I can't get enough of it. The new sprite editor is fantastic! I'm in love with the ability to draw while the image is animating and combined with the other new features was one of the two big reasons I...
  7. A

     Will GM:S2 be accredited on ym current GM:S licence?

    I know GM:S2 is still on beta but, i'm curious if i have to buy it too in the future. I just bought my licence for GM:S after all
  8. C

    Discussion New to game maker (and everything) first impression.

    Hello community, I only have experience with Microsoft visual basic and used to draw characters resembling link to the past in paint when i was very young. I found going through the tutorials extremely easy and the user interface well thought out. So being someone who has NO IDEA about...
  9. CoderJoe

     Excited but upset

    I don't want to be "that" guy but: Studio 2 looks really cool. However, I feel like a lot of these features should have been implemented to Studio rather than making a whole separate program. Not to mention that I now have to pay a ton of money to get all the licenses for Studio 2 that I...
  10. B

    Discussion If I finish a game..

    If I finish a game during this open beta, will I be able to export since I have a GM: Studio Pro license? Or will I have to purchase a new license for Studio 2 when it fully releases? Thank you.