1. C

    GML Object stuck between two pixels

    So I have an enemy object that follows the x value of the player character. The code I use is this (the shield is the enemy object): move_towards_point(obj_player.x,obj_shield.y,2); When the player object is moving, it works pretty much fine. However, if the player stops and the enemy catches...
  2. M

    Legacy GM object speed problem

    i have objects in my room that are supposed to chase another object the speed is 2. all other objects work fine, but when i add more than 1 of this object to the room both of their speed gets doubled, when 3 tripled and so on, and they chase instantly the target object. if you know what could...
  3. S

    A little help with making a point and click adventure

    Hi Everybody. I'm new to GMS2 and this forum and in search of useful guides or tutorials. I can find a lot of information on how to create platformers, but I want to create a point and click adventure game, but don't know how to start. I was wondering if I missed a tutorial on that subject or if...
  4. Shut

    Windows YYC Windows stuck at Build for architecture (

    YYC Windows is not working for me since I updated to the new version. No errors, just keeps building while the PC lags a lot... Tested it on a small project that used to run fine in the previous version and compiled under 2 minutes, I left it for 8 minutes and it was still compiling... Stuck at...
  5. E

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]Collisionsystem is screwing me over, please help

    Hi there I am quite new to Gamemaker, and although I thought that I am starting to grasp the basics, I am once again stuck - and I mean this literally. I wanted to do some animations for my player, but when I change my sprites he gets stuck sometimes. The collisionmask for the sprites is...
  6. C

    GMS 2 [Solved] Platformer - Stuck when collide corner

    I have searched and only found 1 thread with a similar problem, but he was using different code and the solution was never really shown... Plus he was on GMS1.4 and I don't know if that makes a big difference. This is my first foray into GMS 2.0, and I wish i could find a "show object...
  7. M

    [Solved] I have a problem with ladders

    I have a big problem with ladders. Let me explain what's the problem: I have ladders that are attacked with a wall both above and below, and my player gets stuck there and remained locked inside. Thank you in advance for your help. This is the code I used. //Ladders: if...
  8. Marufrozen

    Stop objects from stacking inside of each other. [SOLVED]

    Hello! I'm working on a 2D platformer and trying to figure out a way to prevent my enemies from stacking directly ontop of one another. As in, they are occupying the same x/y coordinates. Initially I tried simply making it so they could not enter into one another horizontally, but then the...
  9. M

    2d character sticks to the walls even though there's no friction (GM8.1)

    When I jump, but hit the walls (which are invisible, but I made them visible for the purpose of showing them in the video), the character stays suspended in the air, even though both the character and the walls have friction set to 0.
  10. J

    Windows Collision under water into a solid

    The past few weeks have been going smooth, but I did run into an issue tonight. I have my player object in water and when the player swims to the top under a solid (or maybe any object, still testing), it continues to go into the solid and then I cannot move. My create codes that affect this as...
  11. N

    Windows Hi I have problem withe the my player control

    Hi I have problem withe the my player control. it is working but when i colide the wall and have pressed Key W & Key A or Key W & Key S or Key S & Key A or Key S & Key D . player stop moving and i need relase one key to move . in Wall object i only mark as SOLID . if i...
  12. S

    [HELP] pathfinding collision enemies overlapping problem

    Hello.. Im trying to do a game where enemies are using pathfinding to follow player but the problem is that they get stuck each on other (overlapping) and when I try to make a script which would prevent this I just cant find out how ti finish it script: var hspd,vspd,dir; dir =...
  13. R

    Discussion [SOLVED] First time install, installing runtime took forever.

    I leave GMS:2 installing runtime overnight and when I wake up to my surprise it's still installing! Also checked my network meter and it says that GM:S has downloaded 2,4 GB worth of data yet it still stuck in unending install loop as the time of this writing. What's wrong?
  14. T

    Collision Issues

    I'm making a Side-Crawler-like-Wonder-Boy game. But I'm having many issues with the collision. When I move, I get stuck in the blocks that make the ground, and when I'm moving to the left, my character don't make his animation. I checked all the codes, and I didn't find any mistake, problem...
  15. A

    Legacy GM Turning solid on and off?

    I want to create a door that only my obj_player can pass through and not any enemies. How do I do that? Please explain things very easily. Explain as if I am 5 years old, because I am new to gamemaker. Thank you! My problem: When my obj_player runs through my door (obj_door), the enemies also...
  16. H

    Legacy GM Zombie Shooter I Zombies aren't spawning anymore

    Hello ツ Here's the story: [1] - Zombies spawning worked [2] - Implemented changes, 30 ticks between spawns to polish it. [3] - Zombies aren't spawning anymore Here's the script: Player Information about object: obj_player Sprite: Player Solid: false Visible: true Depth: 0 Persistent: false...
  17. H

    Legacy GM Snakes moves right when sending the move left command

    I'm working on this practice project via tutorial which was published on Feb 15, 2013 Here's a link to it. Object Snake Information about object: obj_snake Sprite: spr_snake Solid: false Visible: true Depth: 0 Persistent: false Parent: Children: Mask: No Physics Object Create Event: execute...
  18. H

    Legacy GM Beginner, snake game odd code errors. Outdated tutorial?

    This tutorial was made back in 2013.. Here's a link for it on a specific time stamp. This is the first error, i clear it when i remove the ";" from line 12. But, when i do that. Another one comes up without making sense. It says that in line 13, at the location of letter "n" in the text...
  19. P

    Object changes into bigger sprite> gets stuck in wall.

    Hey everyone, I have this simple game where a block changes sprite over time (an alarm) and it turns into a bigger sprite, then over time this sprite changes to a bigger one. I knew this would pose a few problems that I could easily fix, one being that when the sprite changes to a bigger sprite...